Friday, January 18, 2008

You Decide: Rude or Not?

So I'm at the local children's consignment shop. The big winter clearance only yielded two items for me: a sweater and an adorable Ralph Lauren one-piece, both baby boy size 6-9 months. I coaxed Baby E away from the play kitchen and over to the cash register. A woman was in front of me in line, buying half the store, lots and lots of baby girl clothes. She had her little granddaughter with her, asleep in an infant carrier. She and the owner were chatting about jumper seats. The owner was really into the conversation. I stood for about five minutes, trying to keep Baby E from pulling all the books off the bookshelf next to the register. (I hate bending over.....) All the items were rung up, the customer's credit card was on the counter. To my amazement, the following came out of the owner's mouth:

"Here, come behind the counter, and we'll look at Sh0pko's website. That's where we got our jumper seat."

She proceeded to browse the Internet for jumper seats with the customer, while I stood there waiting! It was at least ten MORE minutes. I took the pleasant look off my face. My back was really starting to hurt. I'm obviously pregnant. I obviously had a toddler with me. Baby E was being very quiet, but hello! Run the lady's credit card, check me out (I obviously only had two items to purchase), and then browse the bloody Internet with your new best friend until your hair falls out!


So, tell me, am I overreacting?


Ditto's said...

I've had a similar experience at the same consignment did you say anything when she finally turned her attention to you? Did you at least give her the evil eye?

Chas said...

That's beyond rude. I would have complained for sure. Five minutes is extra ten deserves a reprimand.

Nick, Marg & Liv said...

You are not overreacting. I would have been furious! And I know just what it's like trying to keep a toddler at bay, whilst being pregnant and unable to bend over.

Oh, and your ticker says only 90 days to go. How exciting! Doesn't time fly, second time round?

Brittany said...

Oh my gosh! I would have been so mad. Sometimes when things like that happen to me, I put the stuff on the counter, make eye contact (so they know I'm ditching out on them), and leave the store. I did it at Deseret Book the other day because they were too busy talking to each other to acknowledge that I'd been standing there waiting. I made sure the book slammed on the counter loud enough to get there attention and then I left.

usually I let them walk all over me, though, and I just wait holding my anger inside.

EdgyK said...

That happens to me all the time. I chalk it up to looking like a pregnant teenager. Sorry but it's one of the disadvantages of being young and beautiful while you are pregnant. Sorry I can't condone rudeness as a response to rudeness even though I am very guilty of it myself.

Christy said...

You should have tossed your items on the counter and left. I HATE rude people.

Holly said...

NOT overreacting. I almost never stand up for myself, but I think in this situation, I would have put said in my best sickening sweet voice, "Excuse me, can I check out? my daughter is getting antsy."

AM said...

You are not over-reacting. I would like to think if I had been there, I would have said something, but I dont know if I would have been brave enough.

TRS said...

Not over-reacting.
That was the height of rudeness.

And I don't think setting your items down and huffing off is rude - it's a logical course of action.
I do it all the time and I don't have kids or a big pregnant belly!! If you can't even acknowlege that I'm there - you don't deserve my business.