Monday, December 27, 2010

Buying Things for Myself at Christmastime

I found this shirt online, and I just NEEDED it. It came while we were out of town for Christmas. I am rocking it today. Probably no one who sees it gets the joke, but that's okay because I do.

Hubs got me a yarn swift (yay!), the Farm Chicks cookbook, a deluxe kitchen timer (can time 4 different things!) and the Broken Bells cd. Also some gift cards to Banana Republic because he loves to spoil me. And I love to be spoiled.

The kids followed strict gender roles with Christmas presents this year. Miss E got an Ariel barbie doll and Littlest Pet Shop. Ace got motorcycles and fire trucks. They are both THRILLED with their presents.

Dh says we need to go RIGHT NOW so ciao. We are meeting up with Dh's brother and family for some fun.

Monday, December 06, 2010

In Which I Cry Over Shredded Cheese and Invent the Next Big Thing Whilst Sleeping

I got this baby on Black Friday for a sweet price. And I didn't even have to get up early. We rolled out of the house at 8 and wandered into Bi-Mart around 10, where I saw that not only was the 9-cup food processor on big sale, it had an extra $20 mail-in rebate. SOLD! The next day I shredded vast amounts of cheddar in 3 seconds and wept great tears of happiness.

Last night I had a cuh-razy dream. It included spiders that Dh & I planned to eat for dinner and a newscaster carrying my groceries for me at Winco. I have no idea where my subconscious comes up with this stuff. Anyway, at one point in my dream I was using the facilities and the bathroom contained a combination gum dispenser and toilet paper roll holder. How genius is that? Someone show me how to patent because the advantages of that device are plain to see!

I am back in the YA fiction because it is a devious vortex from which no escape is possible. I have read some great YA novels in the past month:
Technically I am not done with that last one, but I'm half done and really enjoying it. I liked Ship Breaker so much I am thinking I should give Windup Girl another chance. Seriously I LOVE everything I have read by Bacigalupi thus far, so perhaps I didn't give Windup enough time. His story in Wastelands was amazing. I STILL think about it, a year and a half later. It's the only story from that book that I remember in any detail. So good.

I gave Dh Dark Life to read and he really liked it too. I plan on giving him the other two from the list above. I might have to wait on Number Four. Dh hates to start a series before it is completely published. He made it a firm rule after I had him read Hunger Games 1 & 2 and he realized he would have to wait ages to read the 3rd.

Dh is working swing (complete hate) (though wonderfully he switches back to days in a week!!!) so I've been entertaining myself with this* and this. And admittedly, also this. Don't judge me. The longer I watch Doctor Who, the more I love it. My husband thinks I'm loony.

*I have no idea why there is such a lame/weird pic for Witchblade. The show is geekily awesome. Also fantastically unrealistic. Those are the two things I love in a tv show.