Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Winter Weight Loss

It is raining here. I don't like to be wet or cold. My outdoor excursions during the winter are currently limited to: walking to the post office or movie store (2 miles round trip) on the rare occasion that it's not pouring down rain. That is about once every two weeks.

But my scale shows the lowest number since October. My secret? Stop eating so freaking much. I ate whatever during the holidays. The holidays only come once a year, right? But now Dh and I are being more strict on our budget. That means no more ice cream, root beer, etc. And I'm trying to incorporate more vegetables into our diet. And voila! I lost a few pounds.

Now if I actually started moving my butt, I would fit into my prepregnancy pants!

Some Recent Pics

Ace sleeping unswaddled. This is a very recent accomplishment.

On our Sunday walk, it was unaccountably cold. Like, I thought I lived in a temperate zone. But apparently I live in the arctic. Miss E rocks the princess sunglasses and strange medieval-style cap, while Ace is dapper in his Winnie the Pooh hat.

The laundry basket as bathtub, an age-old imagining. The empty baby food jar as medicine, Miss E's innovation.

This picture is not that great, out of focus, but I like it because it captures my kids pretty well. Miss E runs around with messy hair, and Ace sucks on his binky and watches Miss E's shenanigans.