Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Which I Realize I Am Old

I waltzed into the bathroom where Dh was supervising Miss E using the toilet. I showed him my new running-around jacket. It is navy blue with small white stripes, a short collar and a zip front, by Nike. (And it was on clearance, naturally.)

"Don't you already have a navy jacket?" Dh inquired.

"That jacket is Roxy and I have been informed that I am too old to wear Roxy." I responded primly.

"Who informed you of that?"


Dh was silent for a long moment. I assumed he was about to tell me EdgyK is a dreadful liar and I can wear Roxy for years yet. I know Dh really liked the surfer/skater girl look I affected during my early twenties.

Finally, he spoke. "She may be right."

My jaw dropped. "I'm OLD!" I wailed.

But at least I have a cute new age-appropriate jacket to wear.