Sunday, November 22, 2009

In Which I Realize I Am Old

I waltzed into the bathroom where Dh was supervising Miss E using the toilet. I showed him my new running-around jacket. It is navy blue with small white stripes, a short collar and a zip front, by Nike. (And it was on clearance, naturally.)

"Don't you already have a navy jacket?" Dh inquired.

"That jacket is Roxy and I have been informed that I am too old to wear Roxy." I responded primly.

"Who informed you of that?"


Dh was silent for a long moment. I assumed he was about to tell me EdgyK is a dreadful liar and I can wear Roxy for years yet. I know Dh really liked the surfer/skater girl look I affected during my early twenties.

Finally, he spoke. "She may be right."

My jaw dropped. "I'm OLD!" I wailed.

But at least I have a cute new age-appropriate jacket to wear.


Jill said...

I always dressed kind of old, but I live with a teen right now and it really drives the point home. She brings home all that Forever 21and I can't even imagine a world in which I would wear that. I have long hair right now just because I'm holding on to the last years of my youth before it is too long

Amanda said...


Sugar and Ice said...

Is this where the aging quickly and dying at 16 thing started?? I hate to say it, but we really may be too old for Roxy...sheesh...I'll be wearing Izod before I know it.

EdgyK said...

This is my favorite blog ever! One in which you know me so well that I would have enjoyed being called a liar almost as much as I enjoy someone saying I am right.

Switching to more "mature" clothing is a blessing really. Don't feel bad about being old enough to eliminate clothing that has a big name brand printed across across it. Besides the 80's are back in and we'd all be wise to miss that train. Although it would be RAD to have my GUESS jeans back from junior high.

Missy S said...

Yep, I guess we reach a point that we have to say bye to clothes of our yesteryear and trade them in for more age appropriate brands.