Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Less than 100 days left

(Give or take) If I really think about that, it freaks me out, so I try not to. Though I've been having more and more dreams in which I have already had the baby, and she is a part of our lives, and those are cool. I've also been having some really freaked up dreams, like I am with a team of explorers and we are trying to capture a tiger in Antarctica (???). And the past week or so, my sleep has been SHOT. Restless, can't get comfortable, constantly tossing and turning. I think I even accidentally woke the baby up the other night from rolling over yet again, because she started kicking me. She is getting strong, i.e., sometimes her kicks HURT.
I had a doctor's appt Friday morning. Dh couldn't come because he had to appear in court. *Superhero Girl pauses to pout.* I'd gained 8 lbs in the past month, which kind of freaked me out, but the doctor said it was fine, she said I had been lagging in the weight gain department. (Plus pregnancy twin Ann told me Friday she has gained the same amount I have, and she's totally fit and looking good, so yay.) Dh and I spent the day doing our separate chores (he worked on the bookcase - which is almost done! - and I did dishes and laundry). I tagged along with him to the Army Surplus store - my first time; that was interesting. I especially liked the flag that featured a skull with rifles crossed underneath it that read "Mess with the best / Die like the rest." In fact, I almost bought it.
Saturday Dh had training, so I got to spend the day as I pleased! I laid in bed reading a book until 11 or so (The Price of Motherhood by Ann Crittenden), then rolled over to Ross where I scored some kitchen stuff for mucho cheapo, and even a cute maternity tee with cap sleeves.**
Saturday night we went to a really fun party. Basically an unofficial elder's quorum social since that was the crowd. But it was good times - I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Then we went to the Bottoms' and watched a movie with them.
Sunday afternoon I crashed. (See above paragraph re recent lack of quality sleep) I conked out for about 2.5 hours. Dh woke me up when it was time to head over to Rainbow & DJ's for dinner. After dinner (who knew whole wheat spaghetti is actually pretty good?!), Dh played with their girls (they have 3 - their ages are 8, 5, & 2) for a long time. Rainbow and I marveled at his increased patience and enjoyment. When we first became friends, Dh played with the girls for about 5 minutes, and then was done. Sunday they played for like 30-45 minutes! He especially enjoyed playing with their 2-year-old, who is at that stage where she giggles tons and has great zest for life. Rainbow teased him that there was definitely no way he can continue to claim that he scares children (a ridiculous statement he used to make frequently - the reality was he was scared of children).
Yesterday I tried a new recipe - Pepper Steak with Squash & Mushrooms. I was a little hesitant - butternut squash is awfully "vegetably" and Dh is notorious for his meat n potatoes stance on food. But I think he liked it even more than I did! I watched in open-mouthed amazement as he chowed down on the squash! It's fun to cook for a guy who will try anything once, and is man enough to admit when he likes something unexpected. *wink*
Today I don't feel so hot. Another sore throat. I think I'm going to go home early and make myself some chicken noodle soup and maybe a grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm for comfort food!

**Why do all the maternity tops have 3/4 length sleeves??? I am sick of them! I have nice arms! They are thin! They are made for cap sleeves! They hate being cooped up in 3/4 length sleeves!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

25 Weeks

I just totally chowed down on a rather large bag of carrots. They are delicious! Fruits and vegetables taste SO good to me now. The first time I had a grapefruit after becoming pregnant, well, I must have sounded like the Herbal Essences girl. As in orgasmic. It was THAT GOOD.
Baby is in breech position right now, which is fine by me. I would much rather be kicked in the bladder and cervix than the ribs! The other day I read something along the lines that babies are most active between 24 and 28 weeks because their strength is decent, but their relatively small size means they still have quite a bit of room to move around. This would explain why Baby's parties are kind of insane now, and last half the day. She roils around in there like it's going out of style.
Cons of being pregnant: Nose bleeds. Cannot hug Dh normally. Bought really cute shirts at huge discount at Aeropostale on Saturday that I will not be able to wear until June. Or July. Heartburn. Having to wear same 7 shirts over and over because cannot justify spending even more money on clothes I will only wear for 3 more months.
Perks of being pregnant: No one at work makes me take the mail anymore. Kevin carries my piles of files. Strangers smile at me and ask me when I'm due. Dh does not complain when I buy overpriced raspberries, because "Baby needs them." Baby has frequent parties that always make me smile, even if I was just feeling very grouchy.

Yay for pregnancy tickers!

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Crater Lake Trip

This picture shows how much snow there was up in the mountains in southern Oregon. We were almost to Crater Lake.

Dh and I at Crater Lake. It was so beautiful!!

Dh pauses to write me a message in the snow. I just love this guy!
(And yes, that is a building behind him, snowed in.)

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

24 Weeks

We took a mini-holiday this weekend down to southern Oregon, including Crater Lake. It was great. And SUNNY!!! It made me realize how much I miss the sun; I don't see it all that often in the winter in western Oregon. It was in the mid-40s, but the sun made things so toasty! At Crater Lake, we spread out a sleeping bag on top of the snow (of which there was a TON - pics to come soon) and had a picnic! And then took a nap! Aah, delish! Then our friends joined us. It was fun to have another couple of hang out with. What we did not realize is their 3-year-old son is possibly the whiniest child this side of the Mississippi. It freaked Dh out. On the way home, I gently reminded him of another 3-year-old child of our acquaintance who is about as chill as you can get. My message being, not all 3-year-olds are incredibly whiny. I think that helped him relax again somewhat. Thank goodness for that little girl! Ha ha Anyway, it was really nice to get out of town for a while.
V-Day was pleasant. I very unsubtly suggested to Dh that he have flowers delivered to my office. You have to understand, when we got married his idea of a nice bouquet for me was a bunch of carnations in horrible, bright, unnatural colors, (read: the cheapest thing at Safeway). So for him to send roses to my office denotes true progress. And it only took 4 years! Ha ha We got takeout from the Indian restaurant. I discovered to my delight that Chicken Tikka Masala does not give me heartburn! Yay!
I think I'm going to skip yoga tonight. Our house is a disaster and I want to pick up a little and then just lay in bed naked doing the crossword.
Baby's parties are getting longer and stronger. I've also noticed she really seems to like food. I say this because she parties for 15-20 minutes every time I eat. It's like, "Okay, okay, Baby, I get it, you want food!"
I am still getting mixed messages from people. Am I showing lots or not? The jury is still out. My m-i-l says my belly is huge; my co-worker said I look like I am only 3 months along. I'm pretty good at tuning it out (actually, that's not true - I delight in the comments that I am small, and am getting really good at tuning out the "Look how big you are!" comments). The only one who is allowed to delight in my bigness is Dh. Because it's cute when he does it.
The senior partner took the firm out to lunch. Conveniently (and coincidentally), a good quarter of the staff was out today, and a few chose not to attend, so he really only had to treat 7 people to lunch (there are 14 people in the firm). Food always tastes better when I'm not paying for it. And the bread with honey butter was so good, two of my co-workers and I got the waitress to bring us extra and we boxed it up, and I inherited almost all of it, so maybe I will just gorge on that tonight! Yum!
I got the first true baby present yesterday, from Ruthie up in the Seattle office. She's never even met me, but she got me a gift, how cute is that? It was a toy that you are basically required to have in your home:

Of course, upon unwrapping it, Dh and I dumped out all the shapes and put them back in. Ruthie rocks.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

23 Weeks

I saw this picture the other night, of me, taken at 8 weeks, but really I wasn't showing at all yet. I had Dh take it as my pre-pregnancy picture. I was so thin. It made my 5 month picture look really HUGE in comparison. And I saw some girl's blog today, she is about 3 months along, and she was saying, "Oh look at how big my belly is!" When it is barely a bump, like mine was at 3 months. And I remember 2 months ago thinking my belly was so big too, and I had NO FREAKING IDEA what I was talking about. And now I know that this belly is just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And it kind of freaks me out. And makes me tired. Will I ever be thin again? Or will I be pregnant forever? I think I should go home and take a nap.
My belly has taken to itching this past week and a half. It's usually not too bad. I like to wander through my house, itching my belly, saying "Itchy, itchy belly." The purpose of this is usually to get Dh to give me some sympathy. Ha ha He is very sympathetic.
I love Baby. She is always up for a fun time. She kicks me through the day to keep me company. In the morning when I am in bed, she kicks me good morning. At night she lodges herself in my uterus with an elbow, knee, or bum at an uncomfortable angle because she knows it makes me shake my head in mock annoyance. When Dh puts his hand on my belly, she obligingly kicks. She is great.

Sunday, February 05, 2006