Tuesday, February 07, 2006

23 Weeks

I saw this picture the other night, of me, taken at 8 weeks, but really I wasn't showing at all yet. I had Dh take it as my pre-pregnancy picture. I was so thin. It made my 5 month picture look really HUGE in comparison. And I saw some girl's blog today, she is about 3 months along, and she was saying, "Oh look at how big my belly is!" When it is barely a bump, like mine was at 3 months. And I remember 2 months ago thinking my belly was so big too, and I had NO FREAKING IDEA what I was talking about. And now I know that this belly is just going to get bigger and bigger and bigger. And it kind of freaks me out. And makes me tired. Will I ever be thin again? Or will I be pregnant forever? I think I should go home and take a nap.
My belly has taken to itching this past week and a half. It's usually not too bad. I like to wander through my house, itching my belly, saying "Itchy, itchy belly." The purpose of this is usually to get Dh to give me some sympathy. Ha ha He is very sympathetic.
I love Baby. She is always up for a fun time. She kicks me through the day to keep me company. In the morning when I am in bed, she kicks me good morning. At night she lodges herself in my uterus with an elbow, knee, or bum at an uncomfortable angle because she knows it makes me shake my head in mock annoyance. When Dh puts his hand on my belly, she obligingly kicks. She is great.


Reesh said...

Trust me, you don't stay pregnant forever! 11 days post partum and my belly is almost pretty much gone. I have a bit of extra skin that is taking time to shrink, but other than that, I fit into all my pre pregnancy clothes. Breastfeeding is an excellent weight loss program!! Enjoy your ever growing belly while you have it, I miss mine ALOT! Oh and it feels really good to get other people (preferably friends) to lightly scratch your belly with their nails - soooo good!

Isabel said...

What a good baby. When my hubby puts his hands on my belly, the baby stops kicking. It makes me sad.

And I feel like I've been pregnant FOREVER. Blah.