Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dh is gone all this week. (It sucks. I miss him.)

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel a bit unwell. Over the course of the night, a cold settled into my nose and throat. This morning Miss E awoke with a face covered in snot. We are both sick girls. (Feel bad for me.)

But the nights are going pretty well. I figured out through sad experience (sad mostly for poor Ace) that I really can't eat chocolate whilst nursing the little guy. I felt so bad - he spent all of Monday night grunting from gas. I dozed off, but I don't know that he did. :( Ace spends his first sleep in the bassinet (anywhere from 3-5 hours), then I usually just put him next to me in the bed for the rest of the night. Who wants to get up eleventy-billion times a night to pop a binky back in, when I can just lazily reach over to my baby next to me in bed instead?

My friend Lisa took Miss E Monday morning (and would have today too, if not for the arrival of Snot Face). It was quite glorious. It allowed me to easily: take a shower, vacuum, do laundry, do dishes, and check my email. These things are all hard to do with a toddler and a one-month old.

Speaking of which, holy crap, Ace is already one month old.

Oh and in Really Fabulous News, Miss E committed her first act of aggression against Ace last night. She was trying to force his binky into his mouth, so I took it out of her hand. As I did so, she hit him on the head! Ooh was I peeved. It was ten minutes before bedtime anyway, so I put her to bed early. She's been acting out more and more. Wants my attention, positive or negative, doesn't seem to matter much to her which kind she gets. The other day she started coloring on the table while I was nursing Ace. She looked over at me with a bratty smile, because she thought I was stuck on the sofa. I got up and took her crayons away, nursing the baby the whole time. I don't think she was too pleased to learn that I am still mobile while nursing. I'm not too pleased that I have to be mobile while nursing, but that is the reality of the situation.

I am happy to report I no longer look pregnant. I fit into my bigger pants. Well I can squeeze into my smaller pants, but it causes some muffining, so I will wait a little longer on those. It is so delightful to look in the mirror and see my normal figure again! My abs are reattached and my skin is sloooooowly starting to shrink back down. My 6 week appt is in a week and a half, then I can start exercising again!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Finally Some Pictures!

I think Miss E would make a really cute trucker!

Action shot of Ace!

Power to the people.

This picture showcases Ace's cute strawberry blond hair.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, and My Mom Goes Home

Sorry for the dearth of pictures. The laptop is on the fritz and the photo uploading software isn't on the desktop. And I'm not downloading it, because I only have the use of one hand due to holding adorable son.

Ace is 3 weeks old and what a good little baby he is. He sometimes does a 4 or 5 hour sleep at night, followed by his standard 3-hour sleeps. Of course last night just to mix it up, he slept 4.5 hrs, then woke every 2.5 hrs. Perhaps a growth spurt is coming? My dreaded insomnia is creeping back. I had it terribly when Miss E was born. Spinning wheels in the mind, while my body just wants to weep from exhaustion. I am not there, but am scared of it coming back. I've been able to sleep pretty well due to my mom, who helped so very much at night and would even then get up in the morning with Miss E to let me sleep a little more. I say "helped" because she left an hour ago. :( She was so great with taking care of Ace or trading off and taking Miss E to T@rget for a while. Of course it was hard to have her here for two weeks, to have anyone stay for 2 weeks, but I'm really glad she could come.

Dh has most of this week off. Next Sunday he leaves for a week, and that is what I am really afraid of. Christy seems to handle her hubby being gone okay, but we can't all be that fabulous, you know?

I have been watching Gilmore Girls season 2. Most girls watched it back in the day, and so then later when they watched Heroes, they yelled, "Hey! That's Luke's nephew Jess!" I watched the shows in reverse, so I yelled, "Dude! Peter Petrelli is Luke's nephew!"

Um yeah my life really is that exciting right now.

I have also read two books that I am too lazy to link to. Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch. Good writing, quite melancholy, felt very real. I wanted to shake the main character and tell her to stop being broken. I would like a Southern girl to read it and tell me what they think. Other book is All Saints by Liam Callanan. Man can that guy write. Unfortunately his plot quickly devolved into melodrama. But really, really good writing. (Erm, unlike this review...)

Miss E has, I think, realized Ace is a permanent addition. She bursts into tears for little to no reason at least once a day. Also keeps asking to be swaddled. But is still sweet to Ace, and will steal baby blankets to wrap around her stuffed animals, who she then rocks and pats. It's very cute.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Book Review

My Best Friend's Girl by Dorothy Koomson. This book is dreadful. It became so bad, it was almost good. Here is my favorite part:

"He returned my gaze, steady and straight. With the laughter of children, the conversations of adults, the cries of babies, the sounds of animals as a backdrop," (the characters are at a crowded zoo) "our mutual dislike grew. The seeds had been planted yesterday afternoon, had been watered in the evening, and were now sprouting roots while strong green shoots pushed up through the earth. A few more hours and this feeling between us would blossom into an orchard of full-on hatred." (p. 175)

An orchard of full-on hatred. I mean, it just doesn't get better than that. I have quickly added this phrase into my repertoire.

Mom: What do you think of this shirt? (Holds up latest Lucky magazine.)

Me: Ew. I feel an orchard of full-on hatred for that shirt!