Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day, and My Mom Goes Home

Sorry for the dearth of pictures. The laptop is on the fritz and the photo uploading software isn't on the desktop. And I'm not downloading it, because I only have the use of one hand due to holding adorable son.

Ace is 3 weeks old and what a good little baby he is. He sometimes does a 4 or 5 hour sleep at night, followed by his standard 3-hour sleeps. Of course last night just to mix it up, he slept 4.5 hrs, then woke every 2.5 hrs. Perhaps a growth spurt is coming? My dreaded insomnia is creeping back. I had it terribly when Miss E was born. Spinning wheels in the mind, while my body just wants to weep from exhaustion. I am not there, but am scared of it coming back. I've been able to sleep pretty well due to my mom, who helped so very much at night and would even then get up in the morning with Miss E to let me sleep a little more. I say "helped" because she left an hour ago. :( She was so great with taking care of Ace or trading off and taking Miss E to T@rget for a while. Of course it was hard to have her here for two weeks, to have anyone stay for 2 weeks, but I'm really glad she could come.

Dh has most of this week off. Next Sunday he leaves for a week, and that is what I am really afraid of. Christy seems to handle her hubby being gone okay, but we can't all be that fabulous, you know?

I have been watching Gilmore Girls season 2. Most girls watched it back in the day, and so then later when they watched Heroes, they yelled, "Hey! That's Luke's nephew Jess!" I watched the shows in reverse, so I yelled, "Dude! Peter Petrelli is Luke's nephew!"

Um yeah my life really is that exciting right now.

I have also read two books that I am too lazy to link to. Girls in Trucks by Katie Crouch. Good writing, quite melancholy, felt very real. I wanted to shake the main character and tell her to stop being broken. I would like a Southern girl to read it and tell me what they think. Other book is All Saints by Liam Callanan. Man can that guy write. Unfortunately his plot quickly devolved into melodrama. But really, really good writing. (Erm, unlike this review...)

Miss E has, I think, realized Ace is a permanent addition. She bursts into tears for little to no reason at least once a day. Also keeps asking to be swaddled. But is still sweet to Ace, and will steal baby blankets to wrap around her stuffed animals, who she then rocks and pats. It's very cute.


Woman on the Verge said...

Becca over at the Smoochy house gave her little boy a baby swaddled in blankets so he could "help" take care of baby. Making him a part of the whole experience...not like he was being replaced. It seemed to really work for her. Maybe what Miss E needs is some small diapers for her baby to change, some little play bottles and you can do changes and feedings at the same time. Also, for Chloe, I realized she needed constant reassurance that we still loved her just as much. Sometimes just hearing it a lot is enough for them. Random kisses and hugs...I know this is really the hard part but it does get so much better.

Chas said...

Of all the shows I've ever watched, Gilmore Girls is my husband's least favorite. He was so annoyed by it, and now that he knows he's going to be the dad of three girls...he's afraid he'll be stuck watching Gilmore Girls-esqe shoes for the next twenty years.

I'll have to try to find a copy of that book and give you my take :).

Two Little Bubs said...

Anth, I'm sure you will do a wonderful job when Dh is away. If not, just do your best and that will be fine too (it helped me to have really low expectations when Nick went back to work... and it really didn't seem so bad after all! hehe ;) I love the Gilmore Girls too... would love to get all the series. Hope you had a happy Mothers Day!

Christy said...

You'll be fine while Dh is gone. I bitch and moan, but we always survive.

To make the day go faster, try getting out of the house for a few hours each day. If that is not possible, talking on the phone for a while helps too.

AM said...

Personally I am glad to know that MIss E is behaving similiarly to Emma !

Jason is going to be gone for 1.5 weeks in late June and 2 weeks in August. AAAAHHHH.

Marni Tiani Self said...

Isn't Christy amazing? I agree. I bitch and piss and moan and whine like a little baby....

But on another note... I am sending you major FIGHT the INSOMNIA vibes. I have it horrid and I just can't stand to see anyone else go through it. It sucks.

Holly said...

"Spinning wheels in the mind, while my body just wants to weep from exhaustion."
Oh, how well I remember that feeling. And I nearly killed Tom when he asked why I didn't just nap when the baby napped!

Can't wait to seem more pics!