Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Dh is gone all this week. (It sucks. I miss him.)

Yesterday afternoon I started to feel a bit unwell. Over the course of the night, a cold settled into my nose and throat. This morning Miss E awoke with a face covered in snot. We are both sick girls. (Feel bad for me.)

But the nights are going pretty well. I figured out through sad experience (sad mostly for poor Ace) that I really can't eat chocolate whilst nursing the little guy. I felt so bad - he spent all of Monday night grunting from gas. I dozed off, but I don't know that he did. :( Ace spends his first sleep in the bassinet (anywhere from 3-5 hours), then I usually just put him next to me in the bed for the rest of the night. Who wants to get up eleventy-billion times a night to pop a binky back in, when I can just lazily reach over to my baby next to me in bed instead?

My friend Lisa took Miss E Monday morning (and would have today too, if not for the arrival of Snot Face). It was quite glorious. It allowed me to easily: take a shower, vacuum, do laundry, do dishes, and check my email. These things are all hard to do with a toddler and a one-month old.

Speaking of which, holy crap, Ace is already one month old.

Oh and in Really Fabulous News, Miss E committed her first act of aggression against Ace last night. She was trying to force his binky into his mouth, so I took it out of her hand. As I did so, she hit him on the head! Ooh was I peeved. It was ten minutes before bedtime anyway, so I put her to bed early. She's been acting out more and more. Wants my attention, positive or negative, doesn't seem to matter much to her which kind she gets. The other day she started coloring on the table while I was nursing Ace. She looked over at me with a bratty smile, because she thought I was stuck on the sofa. I got up and took her crayons away, nursing the baby the whole time. I don't think she was too pleased to learn that I am still mobile while nursing. I'm not too pleased that I have to be mobile while nursing, but that is the reality of the situation.

I am happy to report I no longer look pregnant. I fit into my bigger pants. Well I can squeeze into my smaller pants, but it causes some muffining, so I will wait a little longer on those. It is so delightful to look in the mirror and see my normal figure again! My abs are reattached and my skin is sloooooowly starting to shrink back down. My 6 week appt is in a week and a half, then I can start exercising again!


Dooneybug said...

My pity is with you this week going it alone. Man, I don't think I could do that.

My son would do the same thing with getting into stuff while I was nursing. When my daughter was little enough I'd go after him but then it got to be a bit cumbersome as they both got bigger. Pretty hard to grab a toddler off the top of the table while nursing a 6 month old. He has gotten better about it though, I think the thrill wore off.

Chas said...

A week alone...yuck.

I guess Miss E is just testing her boundaries and making sure you're still paying attention, lol.

Christy said...

Sounds like you are handling everything beautifully! Right after Izzy was born, Porgie was a little stinker too. In another month, E won't even remember life without Ace.

TRS said...

Wow - good for you back in shape after a month.

whoo hoo!

Woman on the Verge said...

This is when it's hardest...(at least it was for me!) It's a matter of jealousy and feeling second place right now for her. She's too little to really understand the situation, but the good news is, she'll be over it in no time!

AM said...

Emma is the same way. I used to be able to tell her to go sit in the timeout corner, while nursing, but now she just stands there, smirking, and I have to get up (while nursing too) and physically put her in the corner. Hate it. GAH.

My abs are NOT reattached yet. I dont think. Well, at least visually they look pushed out. But I guess I can start working on them now.

Melain said...

DUDE. I used to do EVERYTHING while nursing. My babies were always so dang hungry, I would have been sitting there doing nothing for 30 minutes of every hour! Ya, nursing wasn't so bonding for me with them in the one armed football hold while I vacuumed.

Congrats on your waistline.

Woman on the Verge said...

Hey! I tagged you with a meme. Go over to my blog for instructions!

Becca said...

I am waiting for the post-op pics of Heath. That would be cool.

Being a mobile, nursing mother is an art you seem to have mastered.

Oh, and after seeing you at Bunco, your postpartum body looks like it's about back to "toothpick" status. =)