Monday, June 26, 2006

An Amazing New Record

Just when we thought Baby E's pooing prowess was solidly established, she went and outdid herself. Dh was so impressed, he was forced to take photographic evidence.


For reals.

But it gets better. She managed to vault poo OVER the edge of the changing table...

and all down the hallway. Dh paced it out. Seven and a half feet. Wow.

I'm So Tired

And yet having trouble sleeping. Blech.

Went to the coast today, but it was too windy to take Baby E out. And she was MAD about it.

Just kidding. She slept through most of her first coast experience.

Monday, June 19, 2006

And Some Baby Pics

Let's party

Wow, we're pooped!

Even at a young age, Baby E must deal with the stresses of being pursued by paparazzi.

Silent Spring

Because what my husband really needs sometimes is a swift kick to the head.

My mom left Saturday. She was such a huge help. And bought SO many diapers. And did SO much laundry.* But let's say...I am glad it's just the three of us now. I didn't realize how my mom just...talks. And talks. Apparently Dh and I spend much of our time in companionable silence. And now, it is quiet again. BUT Mom made those first two weeks so much easier for me and Dh. So, a mixed blessing. Like family in general. Wow, that was like, totally deep. Mommy brain drain is a total myth!

Ha! Anyway, Baby E is impossibly adorable and Dh and I like to spend time just admiring our handiwork. Ha ha We took her to Old Navy and Target today (I'm going to teach her to scope the bargains young) and of course she was a very good baby and slept the whole time. Yay! Well, then Dh was like, "Um, sleeping is what babies do," to which I responded, "Oh hush up, Dh. Baby E is such a good baby!"

My fantastic friend Katie was in town Saturday. We just talked for hours and it was great. Dh grilled up burgers and brats for lunch. She brought a blanket she made which is actually our favorite now because it's the perfect size and thickness.

Baby E reached an important milestone today - during a diaper change she shot poo 3 feet. It got all over Dh and the carpet. We were laughing SO hard. How was she able to get such distance, being less than 2 feet long herself? Well, I can't say for sure, only that this surely speaks of great things to come! Ha ha

*Apparently my mom is a Laundry Maven. She bought 6 different laundry products while here (NO I am not exaggerating!!!), and washed a bunch of our whites, which in the interest of full disclosure were not so much white as more of a dingy gray, and now they are white again! Like, REALLY white! It was cool!

Friday, June 09, 2006

I Heart Grandmas

My mom arrived Monday afternoon. M-i-l had not been planning on coming, but when Dh called her when Baby Girl was an hour old, and she heard her crying, she really really wanted to come out (the in-laws live about 5 hours away). So she and F-i-l did, on Tuesday. I was a little worried about having three extra people around, especially these three. You know what? It was fabulous. The grandmas took turns burping and changing diapers (and telling Baby Girl how beautiful she is). The in-laws had to leave this morning, and my mom will be here through next Saturday. Then Dh and I basically told M-i-l that she will be returning at that point.

Dh and I handle nights (meaning I feed her and Dh does everything else). Then in the morning, once Baby Girl has eaten, I hand her to my mom and can go back to sleep or shower or eat until she gets hungry again. I love it. Dh and I are able to get more rest. We wonder how people with less-than-helpful grandmas do it. We'd be absolutely pooped without the help of the grandmas! So now we're just moderately pooped. Ha ha

Baby Girl is an expert latcher (yay!) and my milk is in with a vengeance (yow!). My favorite times are when she has eaten and she looks at me so seriously with her big eyes. Like the most important thing to her is to memorize my face. Aah, I love it. I am so in love with this little girl.

Proud Daddy

P.S. Yes, the baby is a bit jaundicey. At the doctor's yesterday they weren't concerned enough to even check her level, the nurse just said it will take a little while for the yellow to work itself out of her system.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

She's Perfect

Baby Girl was born Sunday, June 4 at 5:14 p.m. She weighed 7 lbs 13 oz and is 19 1/4 inches long. And she is perfect. We are in love with her.

Will post more later. Just got home from the hospital a few hours ago. Thank you for your prayers and support!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

This Is It

I'm in early labor. Started around 7:30 this morning. Excited and nervous. Contractions suck. Say a prayer for me, Baby & Dh!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Not This Mean in Real Life

Forgot to mention yesterday that my weight gain has FINALLY leveled off. Between my 37-week appointment and my 39-week appointment yesterday, I only gained half a pound! Woo-hoo! Maybe I'll keep it under 40!

I dreamed that when I woke in the morning, I had bloody show. Three of my siblings were at my house (which looked suspiciously like my parents' house), but they were all much younger than they actually are, by about 5-7 years. But my youngest brother (who is 9 and thus should have been present as a 3-year-old) was nowhere around. There was also an unexplained toddler, a little girl. Dh was getting ready for work. And for some reason, I was Uber-Witch. I had to babysit these four kids (even though the oldest was about 15...), and I was PISSED about it. I told Dh, "Look I am going to go into labor today, I can't be babysitting!" And he said he was sorry but he had to go to work. So after he left, I was so mean to the kids (my own siblings!!) that it's painful to think back on. One of them would ask me a simple question, and I would scream "SHUT UP!!!!!!" and all kinds of other terrible behavior on my part.

Finally I went down to the basement and tried to call Dh, to tell him I just couldn't handle babysitting these kids anymore. But instead of getting through to his work cell, I called a women's talk show. So I explained I was really mad because I had to babysit the kids. One of the hostesses asked me, "Is there another reason why you're so upset?" And I said, "Well, yes, I'm about to miscarry." She said that would certainly make things more difficult to handle. Then I realized what I had said, and tried to correct, "Wait, no, I'm not miscarrying, I'm at 39 weeks, I'm going into labor." And none of the ladies seemed to think it odd that I had called childbirth miscarrying.

Then many people were suddenly filming a scene in an upstairs bedroom. J Dub's mom was there. She looked at my back at a stretch mark, and said, "Oh, that one's not bad, it's just a 7.4." [Because apparently there is a rating system.] And I was very annoyed at her because I hadn't known I had stretch marks on my back. [I don't.]

The end. It was a terrible dream because I was so mean to my own brother and sisters. When I woke up though, I was a little disappointed it was all a dream, because I would love to know I am about to go into labor!