Monday, June 19, 2006

Silent Spring

Because what my husband really needs sometimes is a swift kick to the head.

My mom left Saturday. She was such a huge help. And bought SO many diapers. And did SO much laundry.* But let's say...I am glad it's just the three of us now. I didn't realize how my mom just...talks. And talks. Apparently Dh and I spend much of our time in companionable silence. And now, it is quiet again. BUT Mom made those first two weeks so much easier for me and Dh. So, a mixed blessing. Like family in general. Wow, that was like, totally deep. Mommy brain drain is a total myth!

Ha! Anyway, Baby E is impossibly adorable and Dh and I like to spend time just admiring our handiwork. Ha ha We took her to Old Navy and Target today (I'm going to teach her to scope the bargains young) and of course she was a very good baby and slept the whole time. Yay! Well, then Dh was like, "Um, sleeping is what babies do," to which I responded, "Oh hush up, Dh. Baby E is such a good baby!"

My fantastic friend Katie was in town Saturday. We just talked for hours and it was great. Dh grilled up burgers and brats for lunch. She brought a blanket she made which is actually our favorite now because it's the perfect size and thickness.

Baby E reached an important milestone today - during a diaper change she shot poo 3 feet. It got all over Dh and the carpet. We were laughing SO hard. How was she able to get such distance, being less than 2 feet long herself? Well, I can't say for sure, only that this surely speaks of great things to come! Ha ha

*Apparently my mom is a Laundry Maven. She bought 6 different laundry products while here (NO I am not exaggerating!!!), and washed a bunch of our whites, which in the interest of full disclosure were not so much white as more of a dingy gray, and now they are white again! Like, REALLY white! It was cool!


Katie said...

Yeah.....WE ROCK!

Wow, three feet? That's some impressive distance!

alfredsmom said...

I am SO AFRAID of the shooting poo. I have heard others mention it too. I guess at least I know that it is a big possibility and to prepare myself ( and my surroundings!) for it.

Isabel said...

We have never seen the shooing poop. Babboo pooped the other day sans diaper, and it just made a pile on the changing pad.

And how did your Mom get your whites so white?? I never can....

Lizzy said...

The shooting poo is something I dread. Somehow we've managed to avoid it. That being said, I'm sure tonight or tomorrow, I'll have to eat my words.
Baby E is adorable. Nice handiwork, indeed.