Thursday, June 01, 2006

I'm Not This Mean in Real Life

Forgot to mention yesterday that my weight gain has FINALLY leveled off. Between my 37-week appointment and my 39-week appointment yesterday, I only gained half a pound! Woo-hoo! Maybe I'll keep it under 40!

I dreamed that when I woke in the morning, I had bloody show. Three of my siblings were at my house (which looked suspiciously like my parents' house), but they were all much younger than they actually are, by about 5-7 years. But my youngest brother (who is 9 and thus should have been present as a 3-year-old) was nowhere around. There was also an unexplained toddler, a little girl. Dh was getting ready for work. And for some reason, I was Uber-Witch. I had to babysit these four kids (even though the oldest was about 15...), and I was PISSED about it. I told Dh, "Look I am going to go into labor today, I can't be babysitting!" And he said he was sorry but he had to go to work. So after he left, I was so mean to the kids (my own siblings!!) that it's painful to think back on. One of them would ask me a simple question, and I would scream "SHUT UP!!!!!!" and all kinds of other terrible behavior on my part.

Finally I went down to the basement and tried to call Dh, to tell him I just couldn't handle babysitting these kids anymore. But instead of getting through to his work cell, I called a women's talk show. So I explained I was really mad because I had to babysit the kids. One of the hostesses asked me, "Is there another reason why you're so upset?" And I said, "Well, yes, I'm about to miscarry." She said that would certainly make things more difficult to handle. Then I realized what I had said, and tried to correct, "Wait, no, I'm not miscarrying, I'm at 39 weeks, I'm going into labor." And none of the ladies seemed to think it odd that I had called childbirth miscarrying.

Then many people were suddenly filming a scene in an upstairs bedroom. J Dub's mom was there. She looked at my back at a stretch mark, and said, "Oh, that one's not bad, it's just a 7.4." [Because apparently there is a rating system.] And I was very annoyed at her because I hadn't known I had stretch marks on my back. [I don't.]

The end. It was a terrible dream because I was so mean to my own brother and sisters. When I woke up though, I was a little disappointed it was all a dream, because I would love to know I am about to go into labor!


Isabel said...

So odd.

What do you think this all means?

I think it means that you are ready to have this baby already!!

Katie said...

Hot new pic up there!

I am SOOOOOOOO excited to see you!