Monday, September 24, 2007

10 Weeks

I'm still here. I feel crappy so I haven't been up to much. I joined my church's new exercise group, Tuesdays and Thursdays for an hour, it does feel nice to be at least a little active instead of just laying around like a lump ALL the time. I do the bare minimum around the house. Which has revealved to me that Dh DOES actually have standards of housecleaning, they're just lower than my (usual) standards that I don't ever see them. But he has been cleaning! It's kind of marvelous.

Dh found pears for 40 cents a pound, so we canned them on Friday after the baby went to bed. It was messy but very satisfying. I've never canned anything myself before that. (If you remember, I was NOT involved in the Tuna Canning Adventure and all its grossness.) Saturday we went to buy more pears and apples from the little place he found. The pears will ripen up over the next few days and by Wednesday or Thursday should be ready for canning. Approx 20 lbs made 16 pint jars. But a piece of advice if I may: clean up syrup before it hardens into a sticky mass on your counter. Ha ha Oops.

I've been working my way through the Rei Shimura series by Sujata Massey (that link is to the first book in the series). They are mysteries about a Japanese-American girl living in Tokyo and I find them very interesting, since I knew basically nothing about Japanese culture before starting this series. I just started the seventh in the series. I just finished The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon which was delightful. I almost wish I had waited two months until the fall rain was well underway to read it, because it's that kind of curl-up-with-in-your-bed-while-it's-pouring-rain-outside book.

My first appointment is a week from Friday and yes I am so annoyed that the first appointment available on a Friday was when I will practically be done with my first trimester. Bleh. HMOs. I needed a Friday appointment because that way Dh can come with me and won't have to take work off (he always has Fridays off).

As you may or may not remember, Dh and I are opposed to following shows when they are actually on tv, as we don't like our schedule being dictated by the tv and we hate ads and we love being able to pause. Also, we are too ghetto to get a Tivo. So we just avoid newspaper articles about shows we like (accidental spoilers) and then just add a entire season to our queue once it comes out on dvd. This is how we are only just now watching season 1 of Heroes. But we are in love. We have been watching it every night. K and her husband are also ghetto and they are watching Heroes at the same time as us. So we can talk about the show without feeling totally lame because everyone else knew all about it like 7 months ago or something. Ha ha

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Photos by T

Things Baby E Likes to Carry

Pajamas. On her head.

Her dirty diapers.


An old Easter basket she found in the closet. She often stuffs it full of little board books.

And most importantly, food.

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Thanks for your well wishes! I'm sick as a dog, so I'm hoping that's a sign this little one is here for the long haul. Fortunately Baby E is a mellow kid, so she's (usually) content to play around me while I lay around feeling crappy. I have thrown up in front of her once (hopefully I won't in front of her again), she started crying, I guess she knew something was wrong. I had to assure her I was okay in between yaks. It was lovely.

My m-i-l, b-i-l T and his wife J were in town over the long weekend. They were moving from San Diego to Seattle and our town makes a convenient resting place. My m-i-l flew down to help them move. Nice, huh. It was fun to have them. J is 4 months pregnant and just got over the morning sickness herself so she was full of sympathy, which was nice. I think Dh wanted to go do exciting things, head to the beach or something. The three of them just wanted to lay around, with the stress of packing up and cleaning behind them, and the near future stress of unpacking and settling in looming. Dh worked Monday, and the rest of us laid around reading and talking. And watching E be adorable. Once she warmed up to our visitors (that took all of Sunday), she was perfectly charming and cute. T was in love. He is so excited to have a baby. He is also a good photographer with a much nicer camera than us, so when I get around to it, I'll upload some of the photos he took of Baby E.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Something's Different...

What's different about my blog? Anyone, anyone? First person to notice feel warm and fuzzy!