Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tell Me

No bronzer...
...or yes bronzer?

Baby E announces self-photography session is over by rolling onto my feet (invitation to play and absolutely irresistible).

New Pics of Miss E!

Sometimes E lets out shrieky screams that say, "I freakin love life!" and they are soooo funny. Also funny is her face when she screams.

"Dude, where am I?"

A little creepy.

Walking. We got some on camera, but the video is too long for UTube and I'm too lazy to trim it down.

Officially a Toddler!

On Thursday, Baby E started walking all over the place and she hasn't stopped since. I figured she would soon, it was a little hard waiting though! She still crawls when she needs speed, but she is clearly delighted by her new ability and tries it out constantly.

This afternoon K and I trekked to Portland to visit the art museum. There was a special exhibit on Rembrandt. It was fun, but I didn't feel that well, so that was kind of a bummer. The Portland Art Museum is nice, but its permanent collection is not that impressive.

Dh thought he found a hobo spider in the backyard this morning and we freaked out. After some careful Internet research, he determined it was not in fact a hobo, but that perhaps he should mow the backyard more frequently so spiders the size of my thumb do not have a chance to set up homes.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

So It Turns Out...

...that I can end a sentence with a preposition!

And here's a blog that's rather amusing: Strange Maps
Thanks to Rocks in My Dryer for the link.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Some of you suggested I switch to another class at church. Unfortunately, this is not possible as at my church any women who are not otherwise occupied teaching children or teenagers all go to the same big class. Which often has very good lessons, such as this past Sunday. It's just occasionally I'm left clutching my head in frustration.

Baby E is being impossibly cute recently. As I tried to do a yoga dvd, she rolled around on the floor under me, giggling and playing with my hair. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and turned off the dvd to play with my adorable daughter! Dh & I have both noticed she is being much more interactive lately.

I went to a beauty supply place with K today. Her sister is a stylist so we got the sale prices. Plus then I got to pick her sister's brain since I am hair-care challenged. Fortunately for me my hair is good on its own otherwise I'd probably look like Medusa. Ha ha


Since Katie gave me a literary shout-out today, I figured I should list some of the books I've read recently:

I Am a Mother by Jane Clayson Johnson. Recommended by NieNie, not recommended by Sister B, whom it reminded of badly applied makeup. Nevertheless, gave it a shot. First third, very good. Middle third, okay. Final third, meh.

On Agate Hill by Lee Smith. Had my doubts when I checked this out from the library. Boring title, boring cover. It was on the library's list of top books of 2006, though. I really liked this book, found it quite enjoyable. Despite my Yankee upbringing, I am fascinated by stories of the Reconstruction South. The story of one woman's life is told by different characters, via different literary techniques (a diary, a series of letters, an affidavit, etc.) and is very well done.

Blue Moon Rising by Simon Green. A prince on a quest to slay a dragon. Yeah, sounds completely lame. And yet it's very fun and satisfying.

Half of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Adichie. Also on my library's Top Books of 2006 list. SOOOOO good. Highly recommended. Fascinating glimpse into life in Nigeria during its civil war in the 1960s. Heavy, but so readable.

Sunday, August 05, 2007


The lady teaching the women at church today...played children's songs from her stereo. Instead of a lesson. Oh, some of them we got to sing ourselves. I was soooooo frustrated. Luckily (luckily?) Baby E pooped towards the end so I got to escape for the rest of the non-lesson.

I Guess That Signing Stuff Actually Works

"Dad, you are soooooo crazy."


Baby E is suddenly using the sign for food and this is SOOOO exciting to me. I have been very half-hearted in my sign-teaching attempts. I showed Dh the signs for food and water so he could use them with her, and occasionally did them for Baby E, but somehow didn't really believe that she would ever sign. This week, she kept doing something with her hand next to her mouth, and I realized it was "food!" Of course, then I started clapping and cheering. That first day she cried and signed, I don't know if she believed I was understanding her. Now though, once she makes the sign and I acknowledge it, she stops signing and smiles. Watching my baby grow in her abilities is so interesting and wonderful to me!

On Friday Dh and I got Baby E to take a few steps. She seems to be getting closer to taking the plunge. This past week, for the first time, she rose to standing unsupported.

This week I've been hanging out with my friend K alot. She lives around the corner and so it's very easy to walk over with Baby E. She has four kids who are all cute and hilarious. Friday she and I were able to escape for a few hours for a needed break. We shopped, went to lunch, and then finished up with a rousing Costco visit! Woo! We are just so freaking exciting! Saturday she had a garage sale and gave me a bunch of 2T & 3T clothes for Baby E to grow into. We had her family over for dinner tonight. We fed them tuna steaks. I totally (accidentally) overcooked the tuna, it was kind of dry, but they all said how delicious it was, and they didn't think it was dry at all! This was only because they've never had tuna steaks before.

K & I have lived around the corner from each other for 2.5 years. She called me when I was 9 months pregnant to see if I needed anything. I never called her back. We go to the same church, but we never talked. I barely knew who she was. For the past six months we've been in the same Bunko group and I gradually realized she was hilarious. Over the past month or so we've started hanging out a lot and I am so glad we have. I just wish I hadn't been stupidly shy for 2 1/2 years!!!!

Oh and I just want to post this picture because I look good in it. Ha ha This was me all ready and dressed up for church last week.