Sunday, August 05, 2007


The lady teaching the women at church today...played children's songs from her stereo. Instead of a lesson. Oh, some of them we got to sing ourselves. I was soooooo frustrated. Luckily (luckily?) Baby E pooped towards the end so I got to escape for the rest of the non-lesson.


Chas said...

It sounds like you don't really enjoy this class too much...ever think of switching?

Dooneybug said...

That is just weird. I agree with Chas, is there another class you can take? Or maybe you could start your own - for adults!!

Holly said...

Oh, if only you could just "switch" classes! My problem with R.S. is that every. single. woman feels the need to comment so the lesson is like 2 minutes and the comments like 48 minutes. Luckily, Ellie keeps me out in the hallway most Sundays.
Oh, and hi. Just delurking :)

Isabel said...

Maybe you and I can switch classes. Mine is always about how Satan is telling women it's okay to work outside of the home, when really it's NOT OKAY. Yeah, it's getting a little old.

(This week's lesson was on how anyone who doesn't do their visiting teaching SUCKS ass. I wanted so badly to raise my hand and list off the reason why I don't do mine. #1 being, of course, BECAUSE I AM BUSY WITH MY FULL TIME JOB, and you know, worshipping Satan.)