Monday, August 13, 2007


Some of you suggested I switch to another class at church. Unfortunately, this is not possible as at my church any women who are not otherwise occupied teaching children or teenagers all go to the same big class. Which often has very good lessons, such as this past Sunday. It's just occasionally I'm left clutching my head in frustration.

Baby E is being impossibly cute recently. As I tried to do a yoga dvd, she rolled around on the floor under me, giggling and playing with my hair. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore and turned off the dvd to play with my adorable daughter! Dh & I have both noticed she is being much more interactive lately.

I went to a beauty supply place with K today. Her sister is a stylist so we got the sale prices. Plus then I got to pick her sister's brain since I am hair-care challenged. Fortunately for me my hair is good on its own otherwise I'd probably look like Medusa. Ha ha

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Christy said...

Porgie has been the exact opposite lately - she is fussy and whiny and a little anoying. Enjoy it while it lasts.