Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Home, T!

Baby E has started pulling up to stand on everything. It has made things very interesting. She pulls up on the coffee table, the entertainment center, even the toilet while I am using it. Obviously that last one is a bit of a problem. Ha ha I'll provide some pictures when we get home.

Right now we're at Dh's parents. His brother T just got back Wednesday from serving a two-year mission over on the East Coast for our church. It was great to see him again. He's the same cool guy. Even though his brother J (the oldest boy in Dh's family) married his ex. For those of you new to my blog (this all happened about 18 months ago), yes, J married T's ex-girlfriend. Six months after he left on his mission. Apparently this gave T the most awesome story of anyone else in his mission. He seems to be over it, though at the time he was (understandably) quite upset.

Oh, and unlike Emmakirsten, I am not pregnant. Thankfully. I started my period on Tuesday. And Wednesday, hunched over from a backache, I was thinking, Now why did I want my period to start again????? "Oh, I feel so out of tune with my body." I'm insane! Of course, with the return of my period (aka, normal hormone levels) has also come the return of my sex drive (oh boy did I miss that!) and bye-bye to the vaginal atrophy. So, a double edged sword.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

To Answer Dooneybug's Question..., I don't. I just take pictures SUPER FAST!!!!

The Holiday, Times Two

We went up to central Washington to visit our friends Mark and Karen this weekend. It was fun, aside from Baby E's extreme anxiety. She kinda freaked if I or Dh wasn't very near by at all times. Like, I had to pretty much hold her on my lap. And the second night we were there, she woke up several times, who knows why. Poor baby. She's still been clingy all week, but I think I detect an end in sight. She played on her own a lot more today. I think for like 30 minutes!

Dh's friend Mark campaigned hard, trying to persuade us to move there. He would love it if we did. He and Dh have been friends for like 16 years or something. And apparently Mark and Karen live near many outdoor activities. But Dh wants to finish grad school, which will take about 5 years (very part-time). When I saw house prices I was soooo tempted. We could get 800 more square feet and a fireplace for less than our house here is worth!

Mark & Karen have two kids, a girl & a boy. The girl had her 9-year birthday party on Saturday. Both kids are really sweet. We barely saw the boy (6) because Saturday morning Mark got him the Lego Star Wars video game and he promptly disappeared into his room for the rest of the weekend. How a 6-year-old is already an expert video-gamer, I have no idea. At least it's Lego Star Wars. We have that game and it's ultra clean.

The weather was gorgeous!!! 60s, sunny, clear. I loved it. When we came back Sunday it was still nice weather in our town, but it cooled down to the 50s for the rest of the week. That's okay, though. Trees are flowering, crocuses are coming up, and I've seen the sun many times this week. Hallelujiah for spring!

Her future's so bright.

Watched The Holiday last night. I don't recommend it. The first half was amusing enough, though the American girl was annoyingly neurotic. But then suddenly Jude Law was revealed as NOT the womanizing bloke we were led to believe he was, but instead a sensitive widower and father of two adorable girls, I was like, Oh GAG me! It was too, too much. And Jude Law and Cameron Diaz had like, negative screen chemistry. I just didn't believe them for a second. Their kissing was just...egh. Jack Black and Kate Winslet did fine, though 1) Jack Black's eyebrows were kind of freaking me out and 2) Kate Winslet is honestly too talented to be in a lackluster movie like this. Her character was the most believable, ONLY because of her acting ability. But even her character did dumb things. Such as when her now-engaged ex showed up and declared he didn't want to lose her, instead of being normal and asking, Oh did you break it off with what's-her-face, she moaned, Oh why is this all so complicated? And I sat there wondering who wrote this lame script.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Heart My Honda Pilot

Yes, that's a Honda Pilot. I was too lazy to get a picture of one in the proper color. Ours is gunmetal. Well, that's what I call it, I can't remember what Honda calls it. My mother says it is a mannish color. Ha ha What I love is that we own it. We paid for it. It's OURS and that's a nice feeling. What I also love is it's so roomy inside. The front seats can go back as much as I want and they still don't hit the baby's carseat. And keyless entry, and hallelujiah a CD player. My Corolla was kinda ghetto, if you're not picking that up...I love, love, love the Pilot.

Action shot!

Another thing I love is my husband FINALLY getting over his period around Sunday. Ha ha (...Hopefully he doesn't read this post...) Probably because the end of my mother's trip was in sight (she left Wednesday morning). Grr... I think it's really unfair for him to act like that instead of just being nice for nine days. Cumulatively his parents are here MUCH more than that! But I am still nice to everyone! Truth be told, my mom started to get to me, but that didn't mean I started being MEAN to people!!

Baby E decides she is going to drive home.

Baby E has been so cranky recently. Remember I mentioned this a few days ago? I thought maybe she was getting sick, but her 9-month appointment was the next day, and the doc said her ears were fine. I think it's just crappy Separation Anxiety. So crappy, it needs to be capitalized. She acts pretty normal with Dh, or Grandma, until I walk in the room, then she only wants me to hold her, and is cranky. And the tantrums! Um, isn't that sort of thing supposed to wait until she's at least 18 months old??? Getting dressed, which used to be nothing, is now a Major Ordeal. She flaps her arms, cries and cries, twists and turns. It leaves me breathing slo-o-owly and wondering where my easy-going child went. But as Christy illuminated, I really shouldn't complain because at least she's still sleeping through the night!

(We celebrated getting the new car by going to the coast. But it being the Oregon coast and it also being March, the weather was not so hot, so we stayed in the car.)

Baby E has been trying really hard to pull up to standing, but we don't have any nice bathtubs sides like Rebecca. She gets up to her knees, then stalls. There's lots of grunting, so I know the effort is there, just no success yet. Ha ha She is eating lots of foods now, just found out she luuurves avocados, much to Dh's chagrin (he wants them all for himself!). Still gives kisses only to me (poor Dh!). Feels separation anxiety so keenly now that she will start to cry if someone who is not me, Dh, or her grandmas acts like they are going to pick her up. Sometimes the Cling-to-Mommy Death Grip is annoying, but a lot of the time I admit I am 1) secretly thrilled, 2) enjoying it because eventually she will be a teenager, and 3) reveling in the perfect excuse to not dust my house! Thanks, Baby E!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


I don't know what is up with my husband this week. My mom is here visiting, but I don't think that's it (or at least, all of it). He's been so grouchy and short. We tried to go to a movie tonight (because Mom = free babysitter) and ended up getting in a fight and the showing only had seats in the very front so we didn't even buy tickets, so it was all a moot point anyway.
So that's very annoying. When we got home, he said "I'm sorry if I've been grouchy this week." Does that count as an apology, or is it legalese? I decided to just take it as an apology but still kind of avoid him. Because if this is all about my mother visiting, you have got to be freaking kidding me. His parents come here all the time (and POPPED our air mattress during their last visit and didn't even OFFER to replace it) and I never act like a prima donna about it. Even though his mother doesn't eat wheat and his father doesn't eat meat. Like what am I supposed to cook???? (Cannelini bean stew) And when my mother is here, sure she has idiosyncrasies, but she has already spent at least $300 during this visit, helping me add decorative touches to our home, and on food, and other assorted things. So WHATever.
Also, I think I might be about to start my period, for the first time since September 2005. My back has been KILLING me. And I started charting about a month ago, to get used to it, and I had a temp shift up about 12 days ago. So. But I'm not feeling more emotional than usual, and I could always tell before when I was being witchy.
BUT, last Friday we did get this:

So YAY!!!!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Homemaking Meme

From Dooneybug, a cute homemaking meme. That I stole.

Aprons (Y/N): Yes, and I love it. I have just one, it is pale sage green with a pocket and a scalloped edge. I wear it to wash dishes because otherwise my shirts ends up wet, and I often wear it to cook but sometimes I forget. Until I need to wipe my hands, then I throw it on.

Baking (Favorite thing to bake): I make Sprinkle Cookies and they are rather famous in my church congregation. Since I like to get compliments on my cooking, these are currently my favorite thing to bake.

Clothesline (Y/N): No. My mom had/has one, I actually didn't mind hanging towels & sheets out there. What I didn't like was how the dry towels & sheets were NOT soft and smelled of outdoors.

Donuts: Not so much. I enjoyed a plain glazed when the boss brought them into work, but I have only bought donuts for myself twice. (And I think Dunkin Donuts is better than Krispy Kreme! Ha!)

Every Day (One homemaking thing you do every day): Dishes.

Freezer (Do you have a separate deep freeze?): No, but I wish we did. Not that I know where we'd put it.

Garbage Disposal (Y/N): Yes, it's handy. And how old does your house have to be for you to not have one automatically?...

Handbook (What is your favorite homemaking resource?): Don't really have one. Martha Stewart Living, I guess. I would really like to have her new homemaking book.

Ironing (Love it or hate it?): Dislike it. I'm bad at ironing, and hardly ever do it. I think I just don't know how to do it; hardly any of our clothes require ironing, thank goodness.

Junk drawer (Y/N) (Where?): Yes, in the kitchen. I don't know why I don't just throw most of it away. The only things we use from it are the tape and Sharpies. And the little mini hammer <-- surprisingly handy.

Kitchen (Design and decorating): We bought our house new 3 years ago. And I haven't really done a darn thing with the kitchen. When my mom came out when Baby E was born, she bought a bunch of stuff for the kitchen, she's really great at interior design. Brought a unifying color scheme (red) and some fun details, like a cool recipe book holder.

Love (What is your favorite part of homemaking?): Having a clean kitchen. A clean kitchen allows to me to breathe and relax, even if the rest of the house is messy.

Mop (Y/N): Well I read somewhere that mopping is much less effective than hands-and-knees scrubbing. So that's how I clean the kitchen floor. That said, we are not that dirty, with no kids dumping their messes on the floor (yet), so usually I just spot clean.

Nylons: No.

Oven (Do you use the window or open the door to check?): It's about 60-40, usually using the window.

Pizza (What do you put on yours?): Pepperoni and breakfast bacon and sundried tomatoes.

Quiet (What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment?): Read. Or online window shopping.

Recipe card box (Y/N): Yes, and I had to expand to a second box.

Style of house: Your typical starter home - 3 bed, 2 bath, 1 story.

Tablecloths and napkins? Yes on the tablecloth, but paper napkins. We received our table from Dh's aunt, along with 6 matching chairs. They are antique, but not in fantastic condition. The table needs to be refinished. And someone carved a three-inch high "86" into the top. So I always use a tablecloth.

Under the kitchen sink (Organized or toxic wasteland?): It's organized and toxic. One side has all the cleaners, the other holds the recycling bag (just a brown paper bag) and trash bags.

Vacuum (How many times per week?): I believe the question you mean to ask is how many times per month. Ha ha Now that Baby E crawls around so much, it's about once a week. Which reminds me...

Wash (How many loads of laundry do you do in a week?): About 5. Now that I found a brand of diapers that doesn't leak during overnight use (Luvs).

X's (Do you keep a daily list of things to do and cross them off?): It's a mental list. Does that count?

Yard (Who does what?): Dh. Completely. He even does the garden.

Zzz's: I feel Dooneybug's pain. Dh has ruined many a good night's sleep for me, what with snoring, or TURNING THE LIGHT ON in the middle of the night (that was only once because let me tell you, Uh-UNH). Then for the next HOUR while I try to fall back asleep (unsuccessfully), I whine piteously (in that way that really bugs him) so that at least I am not the only one suffering. Ha ha But sometimes it all clicks and I sleep like a log for 8 hours, like last night. Aaah. Bliss.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

Oh this dreary weather is driving me nuts. I hate the rain. Well, I like it until early February. And then I just can't take anymore. It's been raining since October. And it won't stop until April. Or possibly May. It better be a bloody nice summer this year.

Added to that, Baby E is acting odd and I'm not sure why. Reduced appetite (by 50%), fussy, especially in the evenings, more serious, less laughing. Might be teething, but Isabel and Lizzy both had babies with similar symptoms, and it turned out they both had ear infections. She felt warm to me this morning, but her temp was 98.9. Not a fever. However, she wasn't this fussy with either of her teeth, so...we'll see. At least she's still been sleeping through the night.

Oh yeah, she has another tooth. She sprouted it last Friday. Now she has her two bottom teeth. So cute.

Last night Dh & I watched Stranger than Fiction. We both really enjoyed it. It was charming and funny.

My book obsession is over, which some of you might be relieved to know. Ha ha My interests are very cyclic. Right now I am due for a craft orgy. Then on to cooking.

So speaking of craftiness...I realized that the baby shower I am hosting for my friend D is next Thursday and as we are sometimes-craft buddies, and I taught her to read a crochet pattern, she is probably going to expect something crocheted from me, so crap-I-better-start-crocheting-something-fast-dang-it. I started a little sweater yesterday. And I am not very far on it yet. Meh. By she expects something crocheted, I mean she is the kind of girl who "jokes" to tell you how she really feels, and I can just see her making a "joke" about this. There is a reason we are only sometimes-craft buddies. I can only handle so much passive-agression in any given month. (And I am hosting this baby shower only in that it is at my house. Other girls are doing everything.)

The rain is making me so sluggish. Yes, let's Blame It on the Rain. Though I've worked out twice this week so far. Amazing. A new record! Ha ha

I like to take the following approach to the seasons:

  • Be a slug during winter. This includes eating ice cream and Jelly Bellys as desired. Exercise if you are so moved, but do not fret if you are moved approximately once a month.
  • When spring arrives, gleefully don your cap sleeve tees and darling skirts. It means busting out the razor again, but is well worth it. Resume outdoor activities.
  • Rejoice in summer by hiking, camping, boating, and whatever else takes your fancy. Also rejoice that bermuda shorts are in style. And remember to often laze about in your backyard on a blanket under the big beach umbrella.
  • Attempt to remain cheerful when the rain starts. But stop doing your hair, it's a complete waste of time.