Thursday, March 01, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

Oh this dreary weather is driving me nuts. I hate the rain. Well, I like it until early February. And then I just can't take anymore. It's been raining since October. And it won't stop until April. Or possibly May. It better be a bloody nice summer this year.

Added to that, Baby E is acting odd and I'm not sure why. Reduced appetite (by 50%), fussy, especially in the evenings, more serious, less laughing. Might be teething, but Isabel and Lizzy both had babies with similar symptoms, and it turned out they both had ear infections. She felt warm to me this morning, but her temp was 98.9. Not a fever. However, she wasn't this fussy with either of her teeth, so...we'll see. At least she's still been sleeping through the night.

Oh yeah, she has another tooth. She sprouted it last Friday. Now she has her two bottom teeth. So cute.

Last night Dh & I watched Stranger than Fiction. We both really enjoyed it. It was charming and funny.

My book obsession is over, which some of you might be relieved to know. Ha ha My interests are very cyclic. Right now I am due for a craft orgy. Then on to cooking.

So speaking of craftiness...I realized that the baby shower I am hosting for my friend D is next Thursday and as we are sometimes-craft buddies, and I taught her to read a crochet pattern, she is probably going to expect something crocheted from me, so crap-I-better-start-crocheting-something-fast-dang-it. I started a little sweater yesterday. And I am not very far on it yet. Meh. By she expects something crocheted, I mean she is the kind of girl who "jokes" to tell you how she really feels, and I can just see her making a "joke" about this. There is a reason we are only sometimes-craft buddies. I can only handle so much passive-agression in any given month. (And I am hosting this baby shower only in that it is at my house. Other girls are doing everything.)

The rain is making me so sluggish. Yes, let's Blame It on the Rain. Though I've worked out twice this week so far. Amazing. A new record! Ha ha

I like to take the following approach to the seasons:

  • Be a slug during winter. This includes eating ice cream and Jelly Bellys as desired. Exercise if you are so moved, but do not fret if you are moved approximately once a month.
  • When spring arrives, gleefully don your cap sleeve tees and darling skirts. It means busting out the razor again, but is well worth it. Resume outdoor activities.
  • Rejoice in summer by hiking, camping, boating, and whatever else takes your fancy. Also rejoice that bermuda shorts are in style. And remember to often laze about in your backyard on a blanket under the big beach umbrella.
  • Attempt to remain cheerful when the rain starts. But stop doing your hair, it's a complete waste of time.


Chas said...

I hate rain. I couldn't live where it rains for months at a time. I do like a rainstorm every once in a while, as long as I'm inside, but that's it.

Take E to the doc to check out those ears. I did that very thing this morning, b/c like Lizzy and Isabel, mine has had a couple of previous ear infections. She didn't have one until she was 9 months, but she's had two since. Turns out it wasn't, but better to be safe than sorry.

canape said...

Unfortunately, I shared your view of winter, and now the cap sleeves and darling skirts are well out of my reach right now. Resume outdoor activities in hopes of doning the skirt soon!

Christy said...

Just found your blog. Very funny!

My daughter often goes through periods where she doesn't want to eat for a few days. Then, she will eat like a little pig. Babies are strange. However, I would definitely take her to the doctor - just to confirm that nothing is wrong.

Isabel said...

Oh, sorry about the rain. Mostly I want say:

Welcome to the Pacific Northwest. It sucks. Get used to it.

(yeah, I'm desperate for the sun. DESPERATE!)

I hope baby E doesn't have an ear infection. They suck. But I am glad she's still sleeping through the night. That helps!!

Good luck.