Friday, March 30, 2007

Welcome Home, T!

Baby E has started pulling up to stand on everything. It has made things very interesting. She pulls up on the coffee table, the entertainment center, even the toilet while I am using it. Obviously that last one is a bit of a problem. Ha ha I'll provide some pictures when we get home.

Right now we're at Dh's parents. His brother T just got back Wednesday from serving a two-year mission over on the East Coast for our church. It was great to see him again. He's the same cool guy. Even though his brother J (the oldest boy in Dh's family) married his ex. For those of you new to my blog (this all happened about 18 months ago), yes, J married T's ex-girlfriend. Six months after he left on his mission. Apparently this gave T the most awesome story of anyone else in his mission. He seems to be over it, though at the time he was (understandably) quite upset.

Oh, and unlike Emmakirsten, I am not pregnant. Thankfully. I started my period on Tuesday. And Wednesday, hunched over from a backache, I was thinking, Now why did I want my period to start again????? "Oh, I feel so out of tune with my body." I'm insane! Of course, with the return of my period (aka, normal hormone levels) has also come the return of my sex drive (oh boy did I miss that!) and bye-bye to the vaginal atrophy. So, a double edged sword.


Emmakirst said...

Love the pics and the new car!

Thanks for the congrats on the preggie, you sure you don't want to join me yet? hehe.

AM said...

So, your going to show us pictures of baby E pulling up on the toliet while you are on it?? hmm...

Christy said...

Yay for pulling up. You must be so proud:)

Isabel said...

What...the older brother married the younger brothers sister while he was on his mission?! You kid?!

(So tell me, had they broken up before he left for his mission or was she "waiting"???? I have never heard of this before!!)

girl from florida said...

I can't wait to see pics of Baby E (pulling up on the toilet while you're on it, of course!!)

Periods suck, especially after a nice long break from them! Are you still breastfeeding? I am and still get it :( Boohoo! And YAY for normal sex drives and happy vaginas!!

:) Hee!