Thursday, March 15, 2007

I Heart My Honda Pilot

Yes, that's a Honda Pilot. I was too lazy to get a picture of one in the proper color. Ours is gunmetal. Well, that's what I call it, I can't remember what Honda calls it. My mother says it is a mannish color. Ha ha What I love is that we own it. We paid for it. It's OURS and that's a nice feeling. What I also love is it's so roomy inside. The front seats can go back as much as I want and they still don't hit the baby's carseat. And keyless entry, and hallelujiah a CD player. My Corolla was kinda ghetto, if you're not picking that up...I love, love, love the Pilot.

Action shot!

Another thing I love is my husband FINALLY getting over his period around Sunday. Ha ha (...Hopefully he doesn't read this post...) Probably because the end of my mother's trip was in sight (she left Wednesday morning). Grr... I think it's really unfair for him to act like that instead of just being nice for nine days. Cumulatively his parents are here MUCH more than that! But I am still nice to everyone! Truth be told, my mom started to get to me, but that didn't mean I started being MEAN to people!!

Baby E decides she is going to drive home.

Baby E has been so cranky recently. Remember I mentioned this a few days ago? I thought maybe she was getting sick, but her 9-month appointment was the next day, and the doc said her ears were fine. I think it's just crappy Separation Anxiety. So crappy, it needs to be capitalized. She acts pretty normal with Dh, or Grandma, until I walk in the room, then she only wants me to hold her, and is cranky. And the tantrums! Um, isn't that sort of thing supposed to wait until she's at least 18 months old??? Getting dressed, which used to be nothing, is now a Major Ordeal. She flaps her arms, cries and cries, twists and turns. It leaves me breathing slo-o-owly and wondering where my easy-going child went. But as Christy illuminated, I really shouldn't complain because at least she's still sleeping through the night!

(We celebrated getting the new car by going to the coast. But it being the Oregon coast and it also being March, the weather was not so hot, so we stayed in the car.)

Baby E has been trying really hard to pull up to standing, but we don't have any nice bathtubs sides like Rebecca. She gets up to her knees, then stalls. There's lots of grunting, so I know the effort is there, just no success yet. Ha ha She is eating lots of foods now, just found out she luuurves avocados, much to Dh's chagrin (he wants them all for himself!). Still gives kisses only to me (poor Dh!). Feels separation anxiety so keenly now that she will start to cry if someone who is not me, Dh, or her grandmas acts like they are going to pick her up. Sometimes the Cling-to-Mommy Death Grip is annoying, but a lot of the time I admit I am 1) secretly thrilled, 2) enjoying it because eventually she will be a teenager, and 3) reveling in the perfect excuse to not dust my house! Thanks, Baby E!


Dooneybug said...

Oh, this is definitely prime time for separation anxiety to begin. A lot of the other moms in our baby class are going through it. As is the fighting diaper and clothing changes. It's like wrestling a muddy pig when it's time to change my sons diaper. He cries and complains pretty much every time. I try toys as a distraction but sometimes he just grabs them and flings them across the room. Sounds like Baby E is doing just what all the other kids her age are doing!! :)

Christy said...

I have to admit, I am also secretly thrilled when Porgie refuses everyone but me.

Since the cranky times started last week, I haven't even touched my house. The living room looks like a damn tornado hit it.

Porgie is still fine with getting dressed, but baths are torture. Hopefully, all this will pass shortly.

I love the action shot. Doesn't it seem like they are always on the go now? Porgie never sits still.

Also, baby driving is TOO CUTE!

AM said...

Love the picture of E driving! SO cute.

And yep, we are going thru seperation anxiety issues over here too. GAH.

Chas said...

I'm jealous of your Honda Pilot. That was the vehicle I wanted last summer and didn't get!!!

Christy said...

Thanks for the link. I really appreicate it! (not trying to be picky, but its spelled cakerwakers!) Do you mind if I link to you?

Isabel said...

Hooray for new cars!!

And when did baby E grow up? She is adorable!