Saturday, March 10, 2007


I don't know what is up with my husband this week. My mom is here visiting, but I don't think that's it (or at least, all of it). He's been so grouchy and short. We tried to go to a movie tonight (because Mom = free babysitter) and ended up getting in a fight and the showing only had seats in the very front so we didn't even buy tickets, so it was all a moot point anyway.
So that's very annoying. When we got home, he said "I'm sorry if I've been grouchy this week." Does that count as an apology, or is it legalese? I decided to just take it as an apology but still kind of avoid him. Because if this is all about my mother visiting, you have got to be freaking kidding me. His parents come here all the time (and POPPED our air mattress during their last visit and didn't even OFFER to replace it) and I never act like a prima donna about it. Even though his mother doesn't eat wheat and his father doesn't eat meat. Like what am I supposed to cook???? (Cannelini bean stew) And when my mother is here, sure she has idiosyncrasies, but she has already spent at least $300 during this visit, helping me add decorative touches to our home, and on food, and other assorted things. So WHATever.
Also, I think I might be about to start my period, for the first time since September 2005. My back has been KILLING me. And I started charting about a month ago, to get used to it, and I had a temp shift up about 12 days ago. So. But I'm not feeling more emotional than usual, and I could always tell before when I was being witchy.
BUT, last Friday we did get this:

So YAY!!!!


Lizzy said...

WOW: bright, shiny new automobile! WOOT!
Relationships with in-laws, whether you like them or not, are always touchy when they come to visit. My mother and husband get along fine, but when Mom is here to visit, it always gets a little tense. My mom was here for 15 days in November when I had my surgery--and she was (for the first time EVER) EXTREMELY helpful and cared for Henry and cooked and even (*gasp*) cleaned some, too. But still: she's my mother and she's staying on our living room floor.
Also: again: sexy sexy automobile!

morganf7 said...

LOVE that car! Is it a pilot? That makes the grouchiness all worth it, huh? lol

Just curious about temping- do you guys use nfp for birth control? I read Taking Charge of Your Ferility, but I haven't actually tried it. I would love to hear more about it. My email is

Christy said...

Congrats on the new car! VERY EXCITING!!!

My husband was being a jerk yesterday. I swear he has more mood swings than any man I have ever met. Hopefully, your husband's moodiness has nothing to do with your mother.

By the way, your mom sounds awesome. FREE BABYSITTING AND $300!

Christy said...
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Chas said...

I can't tell if that's a Pilot or a CRV, but I LOVE the Pilot!

I haven't had nearly as many symptoms before starting my period since I finally got mine back two months ago.