Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Holiday, Times Two

We went up to central Washington to visit our friends Mark and Karen this weekend. It was fun, aside from Baby E's extreme anxiety. She kinda freaked if I or Dh wasn't very near by at all times. Like, I had to pretty much hold her on my lap. And the second night we were there, she woke up several times, who knows why. Poor baby. She's still been clingy all week, but I think I detect an end in sight. She played on her own a lot more today. I think for like 30 minutes!

Dh's friend Mark campaigned hard, trying to persuade us to move there. He would love it if we did. He and Dh have been friends for like 16 years or something. And apparently Mark and Karen live near many outdoor activities. But Dh wants to finish grad school, which will take about 5 years (very part-time). When I saw house prices I was soooo tempted. We could get 800 more square feet and a fireplace for less than our house here is worth!

Mark & Karen have two kids, a girl & a boy. The girl had her 9-year birthday party on Saturday. Both kids are really sweet. We barely saw the boy (6) because Saturday morning Mark got him the Lego Star Wars video game and he promptly disappeared into his room for the rest of the weekend. How a 6-year-old is already an expert video-gamer, I have no idea. At least it's Lego Star Wars. We have that game and it's ultra clean.

The weather was gorgeous!!! 60s, sunny, clear. I loved it. When we came back Sunday it was still nice weather in our town, but it cooled down to the 50s for the rest of the week. That's okay, though. Trees are flowering, crocuses are coming up, and I've seen the sun many times this week. Hallelujiah for spring!

Her future's so bright.

Watched The Holiday last night. I don't recommend it. The first half was amusing enough, though the American girl was annoyingly neurotic. But then suddenly Jude Law was revealed as NOT the womanizing bloke we were led to believe he was, but instead a sensitive widower and father of two adorable girls, I was like, Oh GAG me! It was too, too much. And Jude Law and Cameron Diaz had like, negative screen chemistry. I just didn't believe them for a second. Their kissing was just...egh. Jack Black and Kate Winslet did fine, though 1) Jack Black's eyebrows were kind of freaking me out and 2) Kate Winslet is honestly too talented to be in a lackluster movie like this. Her character was the most believable, ONLY because of her acting ability. But even her character did dumb things. Such as when her now-engaged ex showed up and declared he didn't want to lose her, instead of being normal and asking, Oh did you break it off with what's-her-face, she moaned, Oh why is this all so complicated? And I sat there wondering who wrote this lame script.


Christy said...

Babies are strange little creatures. A few months ago, we traveled to visit family. Porgie absolutely refused to let anyone except me hold her. My family was very disappointed.

By the way, I love the picture of E with the sun glasses on. She looks super cool!

Dooneybug said...

I keep seeing sunglasses on all these kids online and I'd love to know how you people keep them on them!

I constantly get begged from my old buddies to move back east. It's such a huge deal to even consider, with selling a house, packing a house (my lord) and hubby finding a good job...well, it just seems all so overwhelming.

Chas said...

Blech..can't stand Jude Law...won't be watching The Holiday.

Oh, and BabyE is super cute in her shades!

Katie said...

When I watched The Holiday I kept getting really annoyed when they switched back to the Jude Law/Cameron Diaz story line. I liked watching Kate Winslet/Jack Black SO much more that I was almost embarrased for Law/Diaz. That movie could have been great if it had only been one story instead of two.

Loved the old guy.