Friday, June 09, 2006

I Heart Grandmas

My mom arrived Monday afternoon. M-i-l had not been planning on coming, but when Dh called her when Baby Girl was an hour old, and she heard her crying, she really really wanted to come out (the in-laws live about 5 hours away). So she and F-i-l did, on Tuesday. I was a little worried about having three extra people around, especially these three. You know what? It was fabulous. The grandmas took turns burping and changing diapers (and telling Baby Girl how beautiful she is). The in-laws had to leave this morning, and my mom will be here through next Saturday. Then Dh and I basically told M-i-l that she will be returning at that point.

Dh and I handle nights (meaning I feed her and Dh does everything else). Then in the morning, once Baby Girl has eaten, I hand her to my mom and can go back to sleep or shower or eat until she gets hungry again. I love it. Dh and I are able to get more rest. We wonder how people with less-than-helpful grandmas do it. We'd be absolutely pooped without the help of the grandmas! So now we're just moderately pooped. Ha ha

Baby Girl is an expert latcher (yay!) and my milk is in with a vengeance (yow!). My favorite times are when she has eaten and she looks at me so seriously with her big eyes. Like the most important thing to her is to memorize my face. Aah, I love it. I am so in love with this little girl.

Proud Daddy

P.S. Yes, the baby is a bit jaundicey. At the doctor's yesterday they weren't concerned enough to even check her level, the nurse just said it will take a little while for the yellow to work itself out of her system.


Reesh said...

Yes i don't know how we would have made it thru without the help of our parents.

And the love just keeps getting better!

girl from florida said...

I agree... having my MIL and mom here was absolutely invaluable!!!

Baby Girl is SO precious and adorable. And I love the pic of your hubby and her- so sweet!

You know, I just noticed you love scrapbooking. You will have a million pages to do now that she's here! I feel like I'll never get caught up... but it's so much fun and so addicting, I don't care!!

Isabel said...

So glad you have so much love and support around.

Enjoy this beautiful baby!

Lizzy said...

oh, yes. the grandmas. thank goodness for grandmas. and aunts. and uncles. and friends.
it's so wonderful to have a support system surrounding you, especially in the these first few days and weeks. getting in to the groove is so wonderful...getting to know each other.
baby girl is precious. congratulations!

Rebecca said...

It sounds like you guys are really doing great! I am so happy for you and your new little family!

TheBeaufordsHappyLove said...

Just checked back in to your blog...I didn't realize you were so close or I would have been here sooner!!!
Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl...she's perfectly gorgeous!

Chas said...

She's sooo pretty!

My baby girl also was a little yellow. They almost didn't have her level checked, and it ended up being 19!! If your baby is already this old though, I'm sure hers is fine. My girl actually wouldn't eat well and acted all lethargic because of it...she had to cook under the bili light for a few sucked.

Loving all the pictures of the baby girl...keep em coming.

Katie said...

Hey, email me your info so I can come see you and baby girl tomorrow!

Erika said...

You're right, thank goodness for grandparents. My folks stayed for 3 weeks and I'm not sure we could have survived without them. So now I'm one of those annoying women who goes around talking about how easy it is caring for a newborn.