Wednesday, February 22, 2006

25 Weeks

I just totally chowed down on a rather large bag of carrots. They are delicious! Fruits and vegetables taste SO good to me now. The first time I had a grapefruit after becoming pregnant, well, I must have sounded like the Herbal Essences girl. As in orgasmic. It was THAT GOOD.
Baby is in breech position right now, which is fine by me. I would much rather be kicked in the bladder and cervix than the ribs! The other day I read something along the lines that babies are most active between 24 and 28 weeks because their strength is decent, but their relatively small size means they still have quite a bit of room to move around. This would explain why Baby's parties are kind of insane now, and last half the day. She roils around in there like it's going out of style.
Cons of being pregnant: Nose bleeds. Cannot hug Dh normally. Bought really cute shirts at huge discount at Aeropostale on Saturday that I will not be able to wear until June. Or July. Heartburn. Having to wear same 7 shirts over and over because cannot justify spending even more money on clothes I will only wear for 3 more months.
Perks of being pregnant: No one at work makes me take the mail anymore. Kevin carries my piles of files. Strangers smile at me and ask me when I'm due. Dh does not complain when I buy overpriced raspberries, because "Baby needs them." Baby has frequent parties that always make me smile, even if I was just feeling very grouchy.


Isabel said...

Hey, when you comment on my blog there is no e-mail address to write you back at. So, I am commenting on your blog. See how clever I am?? (You can always e-mail me with your e-mail address, if you want).

Anyway, I added a picture of the first hairstyle I talked about. I found a good pic of it online. Basically it's a ponytail (bonus for you) with lots of back combing and hairspray. Oh, and lots of bobby pins. I was stupid and was busy reading a tabloid instead of watching how they did it so that I could do it myself.

I found that getting ready in the morning is SO much harder now that I'm pregnant. I try to hurry it along by putting out my (ironed)clothes the night before and putting my cold cereal in a cup the night before (so I just have to add milk in the morning and it's in a I can walk around with it while I get ready). See, I AM clever.

Oh, and I think my baby is WAY more active now (I'm almost 34 weeks) then he EVER has been. FYI.

E-mail me, because there is something else I want to talk to you about....

girl from florida said...

I craved SO many grapefruit earlier in my pregnancy (around the same time you are now). I would honestly eat 2-3 a day. Now, I'm onto strawberries & blueberries. My hubby & I joke that this baby's going to come out a big piece of fruit :)