Monday, December 27, 2010

Buying Things for Myself at Christmastime

I found this shirt online, and I just NEEDED it. It came while we were out of town for Christmas. I am rocking it today. Probably no one who sees it gets the joke, but that's okay because I do.

Hubs got me a yarn swift (yay!), the Farm Chicks cookbook, a deluxe kitchen timer (can time 4 different things!) and the Broken Bells cd. Also some gift cards to Banana Republic because he loves to spoil me. And I love to be spoiled.

The kids followed strict gender roles with Christmas presents this year. Miss E got an Ariel barbie doll and Littlest Pet Shop. Ace got motorcycles and fire trucks. They are both THRILLED with their presents.

Dh says we need to go RIGHT NOW so ciao. We are meeting up with Dh's brother and family for some fun.

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