Thursday, January 03, 2008

In Which I Rant

**If you're set on watching Waitress, skip this section. Spoilers included.**

I watched Waitress tonight. Superficially, I enjoyed it. It had some very amusing parts, and zany characters. But I do not like it, nor do I recommend it. Its messages were anti-men and anti-family. Nearly every male character in the movie was a reprobate. Two were having affairs with married women (since there were only four men in the movie, that's crap odds.) A third was a psycho controlling freak. Only the fourth was bearable (an adorable Andy Griffith playing a crotchety old man). Only when the main character fell in love with her newborn daughter did she find the courage to tell her abusive husband she wanted a divorce. And then, of course, her life was roses.

The movie makes single parenthood look like a walk in the park, which I have a strong suspicion is completely false. Just strap that kiddo into a Baby Bjorn! And once she's too big for that, why just continue to bring her to your place of employment! Has anyone involved in the making of this movie even met a toddler? What an insipid idea. My toddler's really pretty well-behaved, but the idea of taking her to any job for eight hours makes me want to back into a corner and curl into the fetal position.

* * *

I'm reading Mary Modern by Camille Deangelis right now. I find the story very interesting so far. However. I am so tired of being told that because I am registered as a Republican, I am racist, an illogical opponent of stem cell research, and a blind supporter of Bush. SO TIRED. I don't constantly post insulting comments about Democrats. Why do so many liberals feel the need to make snide comments about my supposed political positions in their books (which have nothing do with politics, by the way). It's lame, and it's immature.

* * *

Okay, I think I'm done ranting (for now). So, I'm like, 25 weeks pregnant. Cool, huh. This is going by really quickly. My pelvic pain is quite bad. This has reduced my shopping ability to nearly zero. EdgyK mourns, but my budget rejoices. Baby E also mourns. She gets really bored, and when she is bored, she just wants to eat. I am a little confused as to where she picked up that idea, it's not really something I do too often. (I suppose she could have come up with it on her own.) But anyway, walking at all hurts, sitting too long hurts. But other than that, I feel really good. Baby Boy bounces around like crazy, I love it. In fact, he recently acquired the ability of kicking so hard it hurts. He doesn't do that too often (yet), thank goodness.


Neil and Meredith Larson said...

I totally agree with you. I went to see Waitress in the theater and it was totally disappointing. I thought the trailor very deceiving.

EdgyK said...

I do mourn your lack of shopping, I cry myself to sleep in my big pillow every night.