Wednesday, January 23, 2008


EdgyK: I don't have any stretch marks. I don't know how that happened, since I got as big as a house each time.

Me: You shouldn't have told me that. Now I want to kill you.


Liz said...

I have stretch marks on my stretch marks. Thankyouverymuch.

Christy said...

Mary did my header for FREE. Can you believe that? I have been reading her blog for a while, and every few months she has a new header. I asked her how she did them, and she created one for me for FREE.

Oh and I didn't get any stretch marks with Porgie, but I didn't get so lucky with Izzy. I look like a purple zebra.

EdgyK said...

That's what you get for laughing at my quilt square.

Like I said the Lord has given me other trials. He's just trying to make up for my crooked spine.