Monday, January 07, 2008

Dh's Full of It

Dh is always making up outrageous names for me, then I am supposed to protest, and he defends the names with outlandish reasoning. He pretends to get very annoyed if I do not play along. Since these names are all too often variations of "heina," I am rather willing to protest. So the other day, he invented a name for me that was a combination of Baby E's name and my real name.

"No! That cannot be a name for me!" I yelled. Isn't it enough that I had to push that kid out, and now am home with her all the time??? I will not answer to some strange subsumation of my personhood!

Dh rose to the challenge. He proceeded to list the traits of an individual who could be referred to by a combination of my name and Baby E's name:
  • A girl.
  • Cute.
  • Demands lots of his attention.
  • Is irresistible (in different ways, he clarified).
Finally I conceded that while Baby E and I do share some important characteristics, and one could technically use Dh's made-up name to describe an individual possessing said characteristics, there is no way in heck I will respond to that name.

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