Monday, January 21, 2008


Baby E is not big on television, but for some reason, she holds a special place in her heart for Bob the Builder. Any time one of us turns the tv on, she asks hopefully, "Bob-o?" Any time she spots the remotes laying around, she asks hopefully, "Bob-o?" Occasionally I will indeed turn on a Bob the Builder dvd (we have a whopping two). She watches for a few minutes, then starts playing with her toys. Then she closes the doors of the entertainment center. However, if I dare to turn the show off, she will wave her arms around, shouting, "Bob-o! Bob-o!"

Dh went to the Bob the Builder website with her a couple of weeks ago. The site plays the theme song, which she loves. He played a few of the games while she laughed hilariously. Now if she spies me on the computer, she asks hopefully, "Bob-o?"

It will be nice to have a construction manager in the family.

Image Credit: Kiddieland


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Becca said...

I wish it was like that in this house. She won't actually sit still and watch something for more than maybe 15 minutes at a time, but the TV always has to be on. And all we watch is all things Elmo (E-Mo), Shek (Shreck), and Pish (her way of wanting to watch Finding Nemo. She gets way too confused if I call it Nemo because it sounds too much like E-MO!)

Dooneybug said...

My son does the same thing except everything on the tv is "Barney?" and on the computer "Inky-Tinky?" (Tinky Winky from the Teletubbies - gag). His first tv watching was Barney and my husband regularly takes him to the Teletubbies website to play on it.

Chas said...

We have a Bob book, but we've never seen the show. In my house it's all about Dora!

Christy said...

Porgie loves Blue's Clues. Since Izzy arrived, I have let her go overboard with that damn show. We watch it approximately 284 times per day. It just makes her sooooo happy.

Brittany said...

We just checked out the Bob site on Sunday. The hubs liked it more that the kid. He played the four-wheeler game forever.

Melain said...

I would love to turn my son onto Bob the Builder. I can't get him off of The Little Mermaid. The neighbors are beginning to talk.