Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Super Productive

I had a really productive day today!
  • Stripped and remade all beds
  • Washed all those sheets & pillowcases (2 loads laundry)
  • Picked up living room
  • Cleaned out the clutter corner of the kitchen counter (has been cluttered with recipes ripped from magazines and little plans and to-do lists of mine for literally months)
  • Put away load of laundry left over from yesterday
  • Visited EdgyK for about an hour
  • Did 5-minute clean on hall bathroom*
  • Made delicious, healthy Black Bean Chipotle Soup** and Buttermilk Cornbread (um, only the soup is healthy), both from scratch
  • Ran and put away two dishwasher loads
And I even rested during Baby E's nap and spent time playing with her and reading to her. I am proud of myself. If only every day could be as productive. And it's even a Tuesday. (Normally Mondays are by far my most productive days.) The only thing I didn't get to, though I tried, was working out. I made it through about ten minutes of my prenatal yoga dvd before Baby E asked me to read to her. And then that one book quickly became five and before I knew it, it was time to feed her dinner and so long yoga. Perhaps tomorrow.

*I can't explain it. Baby E is usually pretty content to follow me around and play near me as I do chores, but when I try to clean a bathroom, she becomes a whirling dervish. During the 5-minute clean, she attempted to unroll the TP twice, tried to get into medicine, tried to stick her hand into the dangerous cleanser soaking the toilet, and tried to put on Dh's deoderant. Thus I decided 5 minutes was just going to have to cut it for the hall bathroom.

**This is the first meatless recipe I've tried making that Dh truly likes. Hallelujah!


AM said...

I dont think Id say Emma is content to follow me around. She's not too happy when I move to a different room for something. Maybe when I am at home full time again with her she'll relax more and realize ITS OK IF MOMMY ISNT RIGHT NEXT TO ME!!!

That black bean recipe looks awesome. Im bookmarking it.

Christy said...

Rest pregnant woman! I got tired just reading that list.