Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Weekend Visitors

Dh's brother Magical and his fiancee A visited us this weekend. I can honestly say they were the easiest house guests I have ever had. They helped, they offered to clean, they played with my daughter, and were unfailingly pleasant. They left the house as clean as they found it. Why can't all house guests be like this???

We went to the coast on Saturday. It was rainy and gray, but we all had fun. Baby E helped out by sleeping on both the ride out and the ride back (though on the ride back she cried a lot). We went back to our new discovery, where Magical and A both ordered the salmon, I got grilled halibut with mango pineapple salsa, and Dh got the triple club. (The halibut was delicious, by the way).

We briefly hit the outlet, where I scored some super deals at the Gap outlet. An adorable onesie embroidered with "I (heart) Daddy" for two dollars, three turtlenecks for me (one of which was $1.97!), and a polo and two t-shirts for Dh (the tees were a buck each). Score!

Then we drove farther south to a lookout, where Dh, Magical, and A stood outside in the rain and watched waves crash into a small inlet. Apparently it was cool, because they were all out there for about twenty minutes and got back into the car soaking wet. I don't know, because I stayed DRY.

Once we got back into town, we ate Black Bean Chipotle Soup, which being the genius that I am, I had started in the crock-pot before we left. We played Guesstures and laughed until our stomachs hurt. I think Magical trying to act out a bee will be a joke among us forever.

Sunday was church and naps. They were going to head home that afternoon, but the roads were bad, so they stayed an extra night. We played cards and had more fun. Also meatball subs. Yes, I use my crock-pot A LOT.

Magical and A left Monday morning. Too bad a semi jack-knifed on ice and closed ALL lanes of traffic on the freeway. They were stuck on the road, in the middle of nowhere, for at least five hours. I figure they spent that time making out. They are engaged, after all.

Dh and I remarked to each other how easy it was to have Magical and A visit. (It will be even easier once they can share a bed.) Usually by the end of a weekend, I am ready for my visitors to LEAVE, thanks for coming, but time to GO darlings. But I even sincerely asked Magical if they wanted to stay another day to see if the roads improved.

Note to self: work on convincing Magical and A to move to this area after they graduate!

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Isabel said...

Dude, I am all about $1.97 deals. You must post pictures. Seriously.