Friday, January 18, 2008

6 Month Prenatal Appt

  • I am mildly anemic (shocking).
  • I am NOT diabetic. Hallelujah!
  • My belly is measuring "the big side of normal." Ha ha
  • My weight gain is fine (and still lower and slower than it was with Baby E).
  • There's not much of anything I can do about my back being out. Oh and my insurance won't cover me if I decide to go to a chiropractor.
  • However my insurance will cover one of these babies once the actual baby has been born.


Christy said...

I am glad everything is going so smoothly.

Greeneyes said...

Just thought I'd share a little tidbit--that particular kind of IUD has a hormone component that can make you bleed off and on for the first 3 months. (I tried it with less-than-stellar results.) There is another kind of IUD that is plain old copper (no hormones) and doesn't have the side effects.

AM said...

I too am looking into IUDS. But as the above person mentioned, I just want to make sure I get the totally non-hormone kind.

Did they prescribe iron pills for you? My prescription cost $25!!! I was shocked. Apparently they are suppose to be the "top of the line" iron pills that are smaller and easier to digest. I wouldnt know as I still havent taken one out of the box...