Friday, May 26, 2006

Well If This is Labor...

...Then it's the slowest, most dink-around labor of all time. You were supposed to tell me all pregnant women have back pain, and you're sure it's nothing, and there are still days and days until my due date. Instead, you just get my hopes up even more! Ha ha

Still having back pain, but it's not as bad as last night. I took a HOT shower last night which sort of not really helped. As I went to bed, the baby was poking me so hard, I felt like she was trying to break my water herself! Dh slept for 12 hours (!) and in the morning he gave me a nice hard backrub.

I didn't really believe I was in labor for two reasons:

1) We are seeing X-Men III on Saturday.

2) The bathrooms have not been cleaned.

Perhaps these reasons do not make sense to you, but believe me, they make perfect sense to me.

However, I cleaned one of the bathrooms this morning, and I'm about to clean the other...

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Chas said...

Oh my gosh..the back pain during labor...I'd pushed that to the very back of my mind. I couldn't believe they expected me to have my baby before I got all of our laundry done...but they made me do it anyway.