Tuesday, May 09, 2006

36 Weeks

This baby feels like she is going to drop out. Not down the way she is supposed to, but out the bottom of my belly. Like a garbage chute opening or something. Gah, I can't explain it, but it makes me want to walk around holding up my belly.

Oh and I forgot to mention - I found my first stretch mark Friday. *frown* It's very small, and right where the edge of my belly button used to be, so I have a sneaking suspicion it won't even be visible once I have the baby. Dh was very sweet and told me that he would still think I am hot, and that it is more important to make a baby than to have no stretch marks. I wanted to ask him if he really believed all that or was just trying to make me feel better, but I realized (thankfully BEFORE I opened my mouth) that I didn't really want to know! And I try to only ask questions to which I actually want to know the answers.

Marissa keeps getting my hopes up that I will have the baby early. And I try not to think about it but quite frankly it's just not working.

Signs my body is preparing for labor:

1) Frequent Braxton-Hicks. Starting Friday night, there are times I have 5-6 contractions 7-8 minutes apart. But then they always space back out.

2) Occasional painful B-Hs.

3) Backache. This appeared Thursday and it feels identical to the way my back hurts when I am about to start my period.

4) Nesting. See previous post.

Not a sign my body is preparing for labor, but Baby is getting cramped in there. And jabs me hard to let me know she is displeased with the lack of space. Well, kid, you are welcome to come out if you find the accomodations unsatisfactory!! In fact, Sunday evening she was being quite ornery, kneeing me out the side of my belly in a most uncomfortable way.

Dh & I watched MI: III last night. Quite enjoyable. Much better than the 2nd. Completely unbelievable, of course. But in Mission Impossible, all I ask is for lots of explosions (check), masks (check), double agents (check), and ridiculously amazing gadgets (check). So it passed with flying colors!


Chas said...

I've seen lots of pregnant ladies walking around holding their bellies along the bottom...I guess you're not the only one with the garbage chute feeling :).

girl from florida said...

You're so close! I would always hold my belly at the bottom as well, I felt like the baby was stretching out my abs like crazy!

At least your body waited a long time to start with the stretch marks, hopefully you won't get any more.

Isabel said...

I remember when I thought I would have my baby early. Then he was over a week late.

I pray that your baby will actually come early!!!

(and you really liked a movie with Tom Cruise in it? I think I have been forever turned off of him!)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Anth said...

Well, yes, I did enjoy a Tom Cruise movie. Here's the thing. You have to admit, the guy can act. He's a complete wacko, but he's good at acting. I find him very believable. Though everytime he laughed, it reminded me of this.