Friday, May 19, 2006

Lo, How the Mighty are Fallen

The phone rang about 11:45 am. I ran to try to answer it. Since I'm carrying around, oh, THIRTY-EIGHT extra pounds right now, my balance is not what it used to be. Especially since like thirty-five of it is right out in front of me, announcing my delicate condition to the world in no uncertain terms (thus the stretch marks, see previous post).

So I lost my balance and fell forward onto an accent table in the living room. Which of course had a vase of flowers on it (my Mother's Day flowers - Dh is fabulous!). Through some pretty impressive and mostly subconscious contortions, my belly remained uninvolved. My knee took the brunt of it. I have a sizeable goose egg on it right now. And it kills like a mother.

Pollen from the lilies got everywhere and most of the water from the vase dumped out onto the floor. I even managed to scratch the table a little bit. At first I tried to clean up, but then I felt my knee through my jeans and freaked out (the goose egg was HUGE at first). Plopped a bag of frozen meatballs on my knee and sat down to cry for a while. [All this crying in the past two days - I tell ya, I'm an emotional wreck recently.]

Of course, Dh got home from his training just then, so instead of a smiling happy wife ready to greet him, he got a crying wife with a splotchy face and frozen meatballs on her knee. Oh well. He was of course very helpful, both with cleaning up, which he handled effortlessly [all that bending over would have taken me an hour], and with a nice lecture about how no phone call is that important, and I need to be more careful, and blah blah blah, and I had to listen and sheepishly admit he was 100% correct.

Then we got reacquainted. Yay! I sure missed him.

So I have spent today limping around and wincing while I flex my knee. The swelling has gone way down. I should have taken a picture, it really was huge.

Oh, and the best thing about Dh's training? He got to keep his Care Bear! YAY!!!! I forgot to mention that he named it Tonto. I think to counteract the turquoise-ness of it. So once we get Tonto washed, he is totally going in the baby's room. So he can tell Baby Girl, "You're special to me!"


Lizzy said...

I would (and have) done exactly the same thing. Because it would (and does) bother me to no end to miss a potentially important phone call.
But nine times out ten, when sprinting for the phone and accomplishing amazing feats, the person on the other end of the line is generally a telemarketer.
Which is when you slam the phone down, look at the spaghetti sauce you've spilled down your front and realize, "For this..."

Chastity said...

I'm so glad you avoided landing on your belly when you fell!!!