Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Ode to a Clean Kitchen

Wow, did I sleep poorly last night. My hips were killing like a mofo every time I moved. Apparently I move alot while sleeping.

If Brangelina have their baby before me, I'm going to be very annoyed.

Still having Braxton-Hicks, but less frequently. Bleh.

My kitchen is actually clean. *Smiles beatifically.* It hasn't been this clean since like, oh I don't know, I was SIX WEEKS PREGNANT. Ha ha The linen closet is restocked. Baby's clothes are organized by size and are basically all washed. I've even made good progress on the thank you notes! I am liking the staying-home thing. And Dh is liking the dinner ready (or nearly ready) when he gets home from work. Ha ha I still have plenty to do (yeah, that whole hospital bag thing?...); it's just so nice to have a clean home again. And it's so nice to take naps.

Dh is grouchy for unknown reasons, but is putting the changing table together, so I'm not digging too deep. Ha ha

I got everything we still needed for the baby (that I could think of) at Target today, which was really just: a Diaper Genie, baby monitor, and crib sheets. And...the baby really REALLY needed Raspberry Sorbet. Ooh, it was delicious.


Katie said...

Raspberry Sorbet is my fav! Especially from the creamery.

I talked to Kathy last night and she wished you luck.

Ashley said...

So sometimes I kind of look forward to nesting because how else is my house ever going to be clean???

Reesh said...

Sounds like labour is just moments away with all that nesting going on!

Anth said...

In my dreams.

Chas said...

He he..you bought three things I have still yet to use. I can't figure out teh diaper genie...luckily a regular diaper pail works for now since breastfed baby poop doesn't smell...haven't used the monitor yet...and we're not using our crib quite yet; she's still in her bassinet....hopefully we'll get to all of these things in time.

Isabel said...

I love it when people say that because you are nesting you'll have the baby soon. Oh, how I wish that had been true with me!!

But really...you will have this baby eventually. And you won't remember being so pregnant and miserable. I promise.

How great that you were able to get the last of the needed items.