Monday, May 08, 2006

My Weekend

Friday I went to Rainbow's. We went through all her baby clothes and she gave me a ton of stuff. At my doctor's appointment, I learned I am no longer measuring big. I am right on track. They had no appointments for this week, and the only appointment for next week is Thursday, i.e., my last day of work.*

That evening, I read In Style** and cross stitched. I am making the baby's stocking and I would like to have it done before she arrives. I have about 30 days. We'll see if I make it. Maybe if I am feeling spunky tonight I will take a picture of my progress. Which is significant. The problem is, the backstitching lies before me, and that will take 4-ever.

Anyway, Saturday I finished Prep***. Then I cross stitched more. And then, sit down, Gentle Reader. I nested. That's right. I went eight long months with not a peep from the nesting urge that supposedly lurked within me. It no longer lurks! It appeared on Saturday. I went through all the clothes Rainbow gave me, packed up everything 6 months & bigger, and then I washed half the remaining clothes and blankets. 2 loads, people. I have so many baby clothes that are 0-6 months, that I have four loads worth. This kid has almost as many clothes as me. Almost. Not really.

Saturday evening I watched "The Family Stone"**** with Brian & Renee. Afterwards, we chatted about houses, pregnancy (Renee is just entering her 2nd trimester) and purses. At one point, Brian was saying something about Louis Vuitton, interrupted himself, and said, "We need to talk about something else. I sound like a gay man." Ha ha Classic. Of course I had to tell Dh. And of course he teased Brian about it more than once on Sunday.

Sunday evening Brian & Renee had us & Dan & Danielle over for dinner. It was a lot of fun. Dan expounded on conspiracy theories - interesting, to say the least. Note to self - the Lehi excuse.

*I feel like a schmuck about this. "Hey it's my last day, and oh yeah, I won't be in until 11! Check ya!"

**Disappointing. Lucky is soo much better.

***Review: My feelings about this book are conflicted. The main character made me want to slap her. A lot. And repeatedly. She was so freaking self-absorbed and self-indulgent. And yet I finished the book. Why? Because I recognized a teensy bit of my own 16-year-old self within her. I remember being so apoplectically unsure of myself around guys that I acted like a complete retard. And I wanted to know what happened to her. But ultimately, I was disappointed in the book. She remained self-indulgent and self-absorbed. She still felt that melancholy and detachment were qualities to be admired and that surrendering one's self to pure happiness is a sign of naivete and something to be pitied. Which really bugs me. True happiness is my goal. I do not think cynicism is something to be proud of. Final grade: C. Not a D, because it is a well-written book.

****Review: Liked the movie without actually liking any of the characters. Well, except for Luke Wilson's character. He was great. The thing that bugged me about the movie, which JDub had already warned me about, was that the Stones were "accepting" without actually being accepting. They were accepting about things that are trendy to accept, like homosexuality, and "free love" or whatever you want to call it. They were completely not accepting of anyone who was different from themselves. Granted, SJP's character was tactless, which didn't actually jive with the rest of her character, but the Stone family decided very quickly that they hated her because...she was reserved? Traditional? I'm really not sure. Oh wait! Because she was different from them. Bleh. And why was it okay for her to be with the stoner son, but not the turtleneck son? And why was everyone chill with turtleneck son swapping SJP for Clarie Danes? Questions to which I may never know the answer. But I give it one thumb up, because it is that rare movie that ended exactly as I wanted.

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