Monday, May 29, 2006

Curse It

By 11:30 last night, contractions were coming every 4 minutes, and about half were painful. And now? Every 15-20 minutes. Blast.


alfredsmom said...

I am quite sure I will not be saying this later, but I am slightly jealous that you are having contractions. To my knowlede, although I have some wierd feelings here and there, I have not had any BH contractions as of yet. maybe I will never get any, who knows? I hope I know if I get one though.

Anth said...

Resist the urge to be jealous. All this is doing is getting my hopes up and then dashing them again and AGAIN! Ha ha

Rebecca said...

Doesn’t it drive you nuts that with contractions like that it could *really* start at any moment…or sometime next week? I’m playing the exact same mind game with my Braxton Hicks. However, from what you wrote about them coming every four minutes last night I’d put money on you having your baby with in three days.