Friday, April 04, 2008

Unsuspected Anxiety in Miss E

This morning I was leaning against Dh as he browsed T@rget's website on the laptop. Suddenly I had a sharp, intense pain in my lower right side. "OW!" I yelped and sat up as quickly as I was able. (Downright slowly, in case you were wondering.) Miss E looked up from her blocks and asked with real anxiety in her voice, "Mama?" I smiled and told her I was fine, but she didn't believe me. Smart girl, since I was lying through my teeth. "Mama?" she asked again. By then the pain was gone, so I could honestly tell her, "Mama's okay." She went back to playing with her blocks. Dh and I exchanged looks and I whispered that I hope I go into labor while Miss E is asleep so she won't be worried about me. It was quite touching to see her little face full of concern.


I realized last night during a long sleepless hour (gotta love the last month of pregnancy!) that I have become excessively lazy while expressing myself both on my blog and in my comments on friends' blogs. Everything is "sooooo cute" or "sooooo frustrating" or "totally great" or blah blah blah. I am smarter than "soooooo" and "totally" and I am going to make a conscious effort to utilize my vocabulary.


I also heard Miss E wake up at 5:45 am and start talking animatedly to herself. I don't usually get up to get her until 7:45. I thought she woke up between 7 and 7:30 each morning. Does she wake up at 5:45 am every morning? I have no idea. I only heard her because my soft, cushy bed was too uncomfortable, so I decided to sleep on the old, flattened sofa. Where I was finally able to successfully fall asleep. I know. It doesn't make any sense to me either. I only know I am thrilled to be nearly done with this pregnancy.


Morgan said...

You really are almost close! Was Miss E early/late/on time? I can't wait until you have your baby because that will mean that mine will be here SOON! :)

Cassie said...

Ha ha, I second Morgan's comment! The sooner you have yours, the sooner I have mine -- YAY!

What an adorable little daughter you have. I can only imagine how incredible that little boy is going to be!

Anonymous said...


Marni Tiani Self said...

I TOTALLY feel you on the vocab thing! Get it? Ok, I'm lame.

My son asked me yesterday if I was ok and "What's Wrong Mommy?" I love that he not only noticed my facial expressions, but responded to it. :)

Christy said...

I wait until 7:30 to go get Porgie too. Some days, she does wake up at 5:30 or 6:00. She plays in her crib until I come get her.

Less than two weeks until your due date! Are you excited!