Thursday, April 24, 2008

Pictures ('Cause That's About All I Can Manage Right Now)

EdgyK's son saw a pic of the baby and promptly nicknamed him Ace. I think it's a brilliant blog nickname!

Miss E is very good about being gentle with the baby.

Miss E has a cold and mightily resists most nose wipings. I think the above pic is funny because 1) her dramatic expression and 2) Miss E makes Ace look like a little shrimp!


Woman on the Verge said...

Honestly , Anth. He is absolutely beautiful! and I am oh so jealous!
I have baby fever! Thanks!!

Chas said...

He is so cute! I love the name Ace..perfect nickname.

Lila has the same dress E is wearing in the first picture. I got it at Walmart for $2.50...gotta love a good deal!

Cassie said...

Ace -- I love it!

The pictures are absolutely adorable. You seriously make the most beautiful babies EVER.

Your son makes me swoon. I am so excited to meet my little guy!

EdgyK said...

Maybe I was already bias but I am taken with Ace! Miss E and Ace look sweet together. They are going to be good playmates.

Christy said...

So sweet! I hope you're getting some rest Mama!

Emmakirst said...

He's gorgeous, she's gorgeous!~ Congrats on your newest addition. :)

Marni Tiani Self said...

How adorable!