Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fun with the Tax Refund

Friday our tax refund deposited into the account, so we had some fun spending money.

An HP C7280. Dh and I are both in love with this printer. It prints photos! Easily! Dh was so inspired, he bought some photo frames and printed out adorable photos of Miss E to put in them. I think this will also make timely baby announcements much more attainable and affordable.

A new cell phone for me. Mine's midnight blue. My old cell phone was just over two years old. It would say it was fully charged, yet after a five-minute conversation the "Battery Low" warning would start to beep and flash. Annoying. The only sad thing is my lame ringtones are all gone now.

This Simplicity crib in Cognac. It's cheap. That is a major factor in why we got it. Dh put it together today and it is Miss E's new crib. The crib she was in was not convertible, whereas this one converts into a toddler bed (safety rails included), a daybed, and a headboard for a full mattress. We now have two cribs up in Miss E's room. (We are selfish and not ready to give up the office to children yet.) I'll take pictures soon, once I get Miss E's old crib all prettied up for the baby. Rainbow's husband brought the bassinet back about a week and a half ago - that's where the baby will sleep at night, just outside my bedroom door, at the edge of the living room. For daytime naps, though, I obviously needed a place to lay him down where Miss E would not be shrieking randomly or loudly demanding bagels or cheese. So now he has a crib of his own. Miss E's new crib has a large trundle drawer underneath, which freed up space on the shelves in the changing table for Baby Boy's clothes. Slowly but surely, I am getting ready for this kid's birth.

Image credits: printer and crib - Amazon. Motokrzr - Skatter Tech.


Chas said...

Somehow I can't imagine that crib as a headboard for a full bed...I looked for a picture online and couldn't find one.

That is the terrible thing about switching cell phones. I've had my phone for about a year and a half, and I still haven't replaced my "lame" ringtones....Sanford and Son and Fraggle Rock.

Melain said...

Wow, it looks like you guys are pretty much ready for your addition! EXCITING!!!

My biggest complaint with my new phone was the different ringtones. I don't deal well with change and I wanted my old ones back. BOOO!

AM said...

Yeah! I'd love a printer like that but we have NO place for it here. THat's ok.

Cassie said...

I have that printer, and I love it. LOVE. I also hated getting a new phone because I lost all my dorky ringtones. And I love that crib! We are still crib shopping ourselves and don't even really know where to begin.

Christy said...

I was wondering whether you were going to buy E a toddler bed or buy another crib. We bought a second crib too, and I think it was a great decision. Porgie just isn't old enough for a regular bed. If she could get up and play, she would never go to sleep!

Lindz said...

Yay tax return! Thought I'd finally delurk and let you know I enjoy reading you.

(Found you via M.Marshmallow) - I also wanted to tell you I heart Sophie Kinsella. I read each Shopaholic in like two days. I'm worried how the movie they're making based on it will turn out... Anyway, was the new book as good as her past reads?

EdgyK said...

Spending money is so fun.