Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miss E

I'm still pregnant. And grouchy about that fact.

So I'll post some recent pictures of Miss E in a probably vain attempt to distract myself.

Here is Miss E about to go to church. She was wearing a sweet, poufy dress with coordinating sweater from my mom. You might notice her hair looks unkempt as always. Another mom told me a couple of months ago that if you want your daughter to sit still and let you do her hair, you have to train her to do so from the time she is very, very young. I didn't do that, and now Miss E's hair pretty much always looks like this. She pitches a huge fit if I try for more than the ubiquitous clip.

Miss E is very fond of Dh's motorcycle (as long as it's off). She loves to look through his motorcycle catalogs. He trained her to call them "vroom-vrooms."

Just a couple of pictures showing Miss E's ebullient love of life. :)

These are pictures of Miss E at a local park last weekend. We had a rare warm sunny spring day on Friday so we celebrated by going to the park as a family. I sat on a blanket (soaked my bum) and Dh played photographer as Miss E braved the slides and made friends.


AM said...

those are really great shots! hang in therem i've been thinking about you!

Cassie said...

Aw, I was sort of getting my hopes up that the little guy was here!

You have a gorgeous, gorgeous girl there.

Chas said...

The thing that mom said about training them from the time they're very, very young...that wasn't the case for us. Lila never had enough hair to even brush until a very short time ago. I just started putting barrettes and pony tails in her hair a few weeks ago, and she's shockingly very patient. I can't believe it since she's pretty impatient with everything else.

Woman on the Verge said...

That's so funny! My dad has a motorcycle and Jack calls it a vroom vroom...

Pearlmarie said...

Yes-- I've been training Isla diligently. I wedge her between my thighs while I comb and fix, and because she is so small I can pretty much force her to be still. As I am doing this I say "I know, I know, you hate this, but this is just something little girls have to put up with".