Friday, April 04, 2008

Baby Shower

Last night my friends from church threw me a baby shower. As with the shower they threw me for Miss E, I was blown away by the generosity of these women, and the number of impossibly cute things! The food was great: a veggie pizza, marinated cheese with crackers, watermelon (served in plastic buckets with shovels - very cute), and a yummy carrot cake (from Costco). There were about 15-20 people from my church congregation there, and Rainbow was also able to make it (she lives in the next town over).

I swear everyone must have discussed beforehand what sizes to buy - there was a perfect array of clothing from newborn to 24 months. The above picture shows all the rompers and onesies.

Here are miscellaneous goodies - toys, socks (oh how I love newborn socks!...), sandals, sunglasses, etc. Also a handheld food grinder, which I've been thinking about getting for about two years.

Blankets, including two adorable and so soft handmade ones. These two blankets were made by Laura and Hannah. Laura and Hannah each have a distinctive style of handmade baby blanket (Laura hand crochets around the edge, Hannah makes a border and decorative machine stitching). They both make a blanket and matching burp cloth for EVERY baby born in our church congregation. And, um, we're Mormon, yo, so that's a LOT of babies. Everyone calls them their "Laura blanket" and their "Hannah blanket." I used Miss E's Laura and Hannah blankets tons when she was little. They're great for swaddling.

Here is photo 1 of adorable outfits. Note especially the blue striped tie, and the sweater vest. I love sweater vests on little boys, they are just too cute.

Photo 2 of adorable outfits. Here I draw your attention to the fabulous little Hawaiian shirt. Baby #2 will so be rocking that outfit this summer.

And finally, goodies for Mama! A pedicure set in a paint can (complete with inflatable foot bath - how funny is that!), chocolates (Dh was excited about those), and the expensive nursing pads that I like but can't justify buying for myself (I told EdgyK about them, and she remembered!). EdgyK gets the award for cleverest gift - that little Ziploc bag in the lower left corner is a v-neck tee in my size, to keep in the diaper bag against the inevitable spitup all over my shirt. This way I will never have to walk around reeking of baby spitup!

I had a lot of fun at the shower and everyone was so nice to me, telling me how I've dropped (I have) and how it could be any day now. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such wonderful, sharing women!


Cassie said...

That is so awesome! You are going to have one stylish little guy, and you are blessed to have such awesome friends! This post made me so excited for my baby showers!!

AM said...

Wow! What an awesome shower! YOu got SO MUCH STUFF! So cute too.

I didnt realize you were Mormon. I knew you were something different than me (just because you've mentioned a few terms we dont have etc) but I didnt know specifically.

You mentioned something about mormon=lot of kids, does that mean you would like to have more?

I dont have breast pads! Yikes, better pick some up today. NECESSARY.

I'm so excited for us to be going thru this again at the same time!

Neil and Meredith Larson said...

Hurray for baby showers and babies!

EdgyK said...

You did get a lot of fun stuff! I can't wait to see Baby in all his cute clothes.

Ya I also want to know if you've decided on 10 or 12 kids?

Missy Marshmallow said...

I love sweater vests on little boys. Everything is so cute!

Chas said...

I love baby showers. There's just something about buying a gift for a little baby that is so much fun!

Isabel said...

Wow...your congregation rocks. So many great things. I love the Hawaiian shirt and the little argyle sweater.

TRS said...

Wow. Great haul!
The ladies at your church are WONderFUL!!!