Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Reviews and News

Dh went back to work this morning after a week off. He was very helpful, especially at night. He understands that I need as much sleep as possible to stay sane. :)

My mom arrived Saturday evening; she is staying for two weeks. Sunday morning my mom offered to give Miss E a bath while I relaxed in bed a bit. I asked if she had had her morning poo yet. (Miss E is very regular.) She had not, but my mom decided to forge ahead. Well, Miss E squatted down in the tub and unloaded. I guess you could say Miss E wanted Grandma to brush up on her young-child parenting skills immediately! (And way to take one for the team, Mom! Heehee!) Right now she is off at the grocery store with Miss E, where I think she is buying fancy cheeses and other various goodies. My parents' standard of living is higher than ours (due to lots more moola) and so we reap the benefits when my mom comes to visit (no cheap Kleenex or grating your own cheese for her!).

Ace slept for an almost 5-hour stretch last night! Fortunately I went to bed 45 minutes after he did, so I got a glorious almost 4-hour sleep! That's the longest I've slept in one go since he was born. Naturally I woke before he did, irrationally convinced that something was wrong with him that he was still sleeping peacefully. Ha ha It didn't even feel weird to go to bed at 8:45 in the evening, owing to extreme tiredness.

I look about 4 months pregnant. Not too bad, I suppose, for a week and a half postpartum. And my stretch marks don't look as bad now that they're not all stretched out. I did forget though how hard it is to find shirts in my closet that fit these temporary boobs. What a pain getting dressed is! :)

Ace is a marvelous little baby and I am soooooaking up his deliciousness. Someone told me you are able to enjoy your second newborn more, simply because you've done it before so you're not constantly experiencing scary new things (Shooting poo! Nursing in the car! Pee all over the carpet!), and they were exactly correct. I feel so much more chill this go-around. Though I do sometimes find myself with much less patience for Miss E's antics. I know she just wants attention, but funny, that doesn't make her attempts to pull every wipe out of the container or dump my water glass all over the floor any easier to deal with.

And now for some brief reviews:

Juno. I liked the humor (sarcasm is my boyfriend). I thought it was a cute story. The anti-man undercurrent was super annoying. This whole trendy idea that mother + baby = nuclear family, with the "+ father" as an optional accessory is antithetical to a functioning society.

The Cutting Edge - Chasing the Dream. Um. That's all I can say. I watched this movie for about fifteen minutes before vomiting violently everywhere (sorry, hope you weren't eating just then). In my defense, I was horrifyingly bored (this was while 39 weeks pregnant). Don't even go here. Just DON'T.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. You didn't think I was going to let a little thing like having a baby stop me from reading, did you?? This book is marvelous and I think you should read it. If you enjoy being moved by a book, if you want to think about things in a new way, go get it from the library now! It took me a little while to get into, but by page 194 I was tearing up (and that's only halfway through the book). A very good book; I highly recommend it.


Melain said...

With you on Juno girl. LOVED the movie, but left a little uncomfortable with the "Happy Ending."

So glad you're enjoying your new little dude. It just keeps getting better and better.

AM said...

I too am finding the second baby very easy. I wonder why I found it some stressful the first time around?? lol.

Yeah for having your mom there! That sounds awesome.

Holly said...

I've been worried about the whole second child thing, but you give me hope! Also, the pics of E holding her baby brother totally make me want to replicate that!

Cassie said...

I'm so happy to hear things are going so well. Tell your mom we said hi! :o)