Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekend Recap

Friday, as I had previously established with Dh, was to be MY day (well, afternoon). He went fishing last Saturday, I'm having a baby soon, so I wanted some "me" time. Naturally he groused almost the entire morning, but that never stops me from having a good time! I went out to lunch with EdgyK and her sister - we randomly tried a bar & grill downtown which thankfully was completely delicious. Then EdgyK and I hit the best thrift store in town, for two hours. We found fabulous deals, but my pelvis was really quite annoyed afterward. When I got home, the house was trashed and Dh was asleep on the sofa. I was more than a little peeved. Of course, now I have the ultimate nail in his coffin if he ever tries the "You could make more money than me - I should be the stay-at-home parent" argument again. Because um yeah, sleeping on the couch while your daughter systematically messes up every room in the house does NOT count as stay-at-home parenting!!!!!

Anyway. Friday evening while thinking about meeting this little baby boy, I felt very strongly that I will be pregnant for at least two more weeks. And I felt totally chill about that. (This will be important later in this post.)

Saturday was nice. In the morning, Dh spread more bark dust on all the bark areas of our lawn and planted tulips in the front yard. We went to a local Mexican restaurant for lunch, where Miss E was really well behaved, though she only ate chips and tortillas. We all took naps in the early afternoon. Then we went to the a local park where the cherry trees are in full blossom and the fountain was just turned on. It was lovely! We went to the library, where Miss E managed to find a Bob the Builder book within ten minutes, and then the grocery store.

At the store, we ran into a friend from church who told us that a lady in our church congregation who was due the same day as me had her baby. Was I mad or annoyed? No. I felt happy for her. Good thing I had that peaceful feeling Friday night or the jealousy from this news might have ruined my evening!

Today was my last day teaching Sunday School to the 15-year-olds. I'm going to miss teaching those kids - this year's group is so much tamer than last year's, and most of them are genuinely nice. I met the replacement teacher, and he seems like a very nice guy himself, so I'm sure they'll all be fine. I'm glad that my church congregation is pretty chill about giving me some "time off" from church duties while my babies are very small. I didn't even take Miss E to church until she was a month old - waaaay too many germs there! - and I plan on doing the same with Baby #2.

At church today, only one old lady made a tactless remark about my belly - wow! It's a new record! Oh wait, I just remembered some guy made a tactless remark about my water breaking. That is the second water-breaking comment I have received from guys in the past two days. Seems weird to me. Are guys strangely fascinated by the whole water breaking concept???


AM said...

That is wierd that men would be making comments about your water breaking. Odd.

Glad you got to get out for the afternoon! I cant imagine walking around for 2 hours shopping though, and I know you must have been soar after that.

It is funny that when our husbands watch our kids, we come home to messes. Left over meal dishes, etc. But when we watch the kids, we feel we have to keep everything tidy or they will wonder what we did all day. Such a double standard. They should watch the kids more so they Get It.

Christy said...

I know that you are uncomfortable, but savor these last few weeks. They really are a special time.

And I would have KILLED my husband if he fell asleep while watching Porgie.

Cassie said...

I don't get the men making comments about your water breaking. I would think they'd be a little...squeamish about that. My husband is, at least.

Sounds like you had a pretty decent weekend, though. It seems like you're in a good place regarding the birth of your little boy. What a blessing he will be, whenever he does decide to show up!

Melain said...

Men aren't fascinated, they're ignorant. The water breaking part is the only thing consistantly shown on TV, so that's the only part they really know about. Fools.