Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Big Welcome Home

Dh, 5:43 pm: We'll be home in ten minutes! Baby E's cranky, but I just want to get home! Put the pizza in the oven!

Dh, 5:50 pm: Baby E just puked all over herself. Can you get towels, warm water and disinfectant ready?


Is it unrighteous of me to be glad I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and therefore "unable" to do most of the cleanup? My dear husband didn't even ask me, he just started cleaning. I was on Baby E duty. We're pretty sure she was just carsick. And fortunately the puke didn't smell too pukey, mostly like taco meat.


Chas said...

"mostly like taco meat"

Seriously, was that necessary? LOL!

Cassie said...

LOL, I second what Chas said! Glad you got out of the cleaning though!

Cassie said...
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EdgyK said...

Another one of the perks of being pregnant.

EdgyK said...

Yes my craving for taco salad is now over.