Sunday, March 02, 2008

Temporarily Alone

I realized after we returned from Christmas with my in-laws and my hips and back were mad, that I wouldn't be able to handle another 5-hour drive to Dh's parents' house. So on Thursday Dh and Baby E left for his hometown. His brother Magical got married on Friday (yes, Leap Year Day), and our new little niece Baby J is getting blessed tomorrow at church. I have been completely free and independent for three days now! It has been the best of times and the worst of times.

  • I leave my house whenever I want. Even during nap time.
  • I sleep in.
  • I eat what I want.
  • I go shopping for as long as my back will allow.
  • I miss my baby. Waaah.
  • I miss my husband.
  • I missed Magical's wedding.
  • I will miss Baby J's blessing.
  • I haven't even seen Baby J in real life yet. She is already a month old!
Today was a perfect day. So self-indulgent it felt positively wicked. I slept in until 9:30, made myself a pomegranate smoothie* for breakfast, wasted time on the Internet, ate lunch, took a shower (in the middle of the day!). And then? Well it was nap time, of course! Then I finally roused myself and put a little makeup on. Finally got dressed around 3. Had a snack and then headed to the library. I did run one errand, then I met up with EdgyK at Target, where we wandered around looking at clearance clothing. Once home, I said goodnight to my baby on the phone then chatted with Dh for a while about the reception, which was tonight. Then I headed to EdgyK's house. I checked out a couple of Cosmo's from the library. That magazine is even trashier than I remembered. It's been a while since I cracked one open. We read them, reading particularly stupid bits out loud, while her husband watched Season 1 of The Office for the 9,563rd time. Now I'm about to crawl into bed after a wonderfully relaxing day!

That said, I am sooooo happy my husband and daughter will be home tomorrow evening! When Baby E gets on the phone and says, "Mama!" in her adorable little voice, I can barely handle it. I want to hug her and snuggle her until she protests and pulls away.

Yesterday I went shopping and found some fabulous stuff at Gap and Banana. Including a pair of maternity jeans that actually make me feel attractive. Worth every penny! I also bought a few (non-maternity) tops for spring. I am excited for it to not be winter anymore and me to not be pregnant anymore.

* * *

Back at Thanksgiving, while wandering a mall with Dh's brother Longroper, we found a rack of pajamas on sale at The Children's Place. We had the brilliant idea to get one each in Baby E's size, and for future Baby J (who was born at the end of January). Babies E & J met for the first time this weekend, so Dh and Longroper arranged the photo shoot. Knowing my need for a Baby E fix, they emailed me a couple of pictures:

J makes E look so big!

Hopefully Baby E will be this gentle with her baby brother.

Baby E: I'm not too sure about this little person!

Baby J: Wow! The world is so cool!

*Sorry I can't find the recipe online. Maybe it's too new to be up on the website. It came from either the February or March 2008 Everyday Food magazine. Sooooo yummy. 1/3 C tofu, 1/2 C pomegranate juice, 1 C frozen berries, 2 tsp honey, and a couple of ice cubes in your blender.


Chas said...

You are handling this very well! I'd probably be a basket case if LG were gone. My friends all think I'm nuts b/c I've never left her overnight.

Christy said...

I know you miss your baby, but it must be nice to relax.

AM said...

WOW! Am SO jealous. I think all 3rd trimester pregnant moms of toddlers should get a free weekend like that. WOW. And a BIG kudos to your husband for being so brave and manly to take care of Baby E all weekend. That's a big deal.

Emma has that same sleeper. so cute. Baby's E's hair is really getting long. I love that last picture. Emma hasnt been around any real babies yet.

Cassie said...

Baby E looks so cute in that sleeper. I love the way she's looking at Baby J in the second picture -- what a sweetie!

Melain said...

I broke down in my 3rd pregnancy and bought a pair of jeans that fit perfectly. They were nearly $200, but like you said... WORTH EVERY PENNY! A fantastic pair of jeans always is.


Scott said...
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EdgyK said...

Super Cute Pictures! Now that I am back on the internet I am amazed to see how many things you count such as how many times my DH has watched The Office. Even though the number seems quite inflated, it's probably true.