Saturday, March 08, 2008

Because I Lurve Online Quizzes




40% Geek


Chas said...

- I can take 18 5 year olds in a fight.

- I have 29% chance of survival in case of a zombie apocolypse.

- I named 62 countries in five minutes. (I thought I'd do better...I freak out during timed tests...oh well)

- 29% must be the percentage of the day for me...I'm also 29% geek

Christy said...

Did you take the 8th grade science test yet? I totally kicked ass on that one.

Cassie said...

I could take down 14 5-year-olds, I have a 49% chance of surviving a zombie apocolypse, I named 74 countries and I am 33% geek. Those were fun!

Lindz said...

Those things are addicting. I may have to find out how many teenagers I could take out in a fight... as it could apply to me in real life, I guess :)