Friday, March 07, 2008

Tiring Child

Today Baby E:
  • Hit me so hard in the forehead with her Bob the Builder phone that I started crying. It freaking hurt!
  • Went to time-out twice, back to back, for hitting (separate incident from above). During which I had to hold her in the chair, because she thought it was funny to get out of time-out. She didn't think it was funny though, when I wouldn't look at her while holding her in the chair.
  • Had a complete meltdown just before dinner because I wouldn't let her snack on plain tuna. Which seems completely gross to me.
  • Asked for cheese 1,072 times.
  • Tried to color on her pants, her hand, and the carpet. Thank goodness for Color Wonder markers.
  • Gave me a few unsolicited hugs. Baby E is not usually very affectionate.
  • Rubbed macaroni and cheese in her eyes at lunch. Rubbed tuna pasta in her eyes at dinner.
  • Used her stool to get up to counter level in the bathroom, where her little arm reached for everything I had out.
  • Used her stool to get up to counter level in the kitchen, where her little arm reached for all the ingredients of tuna pasta.
I am exhausted.

This evening I put her to bed (she goes back and forth on whether she wants me or Dh to sing to her). I laid her down, tucked her two white teddy bears in her arms, covered her with her purple blanket, then her green blanket. "Good night, Baby E. I love you." From the crib, a little voice, "Bye-bye." I turned into a quivering lump of love.


Travis said...

Holy crap I didn't even know that you had two other blogs. Now I have more ways to waste my time on the internet.

Cassie said...

Wow, sounds like an exhausting day! But that sweet little voice at the end of the night made it all worth it, didn't it? I'm so excited -- even for the macaroni an cheese in the eyes, believe it or not!

Chas said...

They are very tiring some days. I'm glad you made it through :).

TRS said...

Oh. How exhausting.

What's wrong with plain tuna? My mom used to mix a can of Starfish Tuna with mayonaise for sandwiches... so I don't see how that could be 'better' or 'healthier'.

I'm now allergic to tuna so I have no idea how else to prepare it!
But man... what I wouldn't do for Tuna-on-toast!!! mom did something to make the tuna creamy and then spread it over toast.... geesh that was yummy!

Melain said...

Sounds about right. The unsolicited hugs make it all worth it though, don't they!

EdgyK said...

Ha ha and that's a mellow kid, wait till you get a crazy one. tee hee hee.